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The adopted daughter of Sekhuru and Kai's love interest. Zambezia (aka Adventures in Zambezia ) is a CGI production from South Africa directed by Wayne Thornley and written by Andrew Cook, Raffaella Delle Donne, and Anthony Silverston, it is the first film produced by Triggerfish Animation Studios and distributed by CMG and Sony Pictures in English territories. An evil lizard who plans to eat all the eggs in Zambezia. After his wife, Amaya is killed by Budzo. | | A resourceful penguin, his piscine mate in a bowl, a brainy tarsier, a bat, a gorilla, a frog and a toad form a team to help fellow forest dwellers in times of distress. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Budzo / Zambezia — is a South African 3D computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film. Richard E. Grant as Cecil the Marabou Stork. Jamal Mixon as Ezee the Nightjar. Kai's father and One of the founders of the Hurricanes. After a visit from Gogo and Tini, Kai travels to "Zambezia," a bustling bird city on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls where he discovers the truth about his origins and learns how to be part of the community. Species: Peregrine Falcon. The main protagonist of Adventures in Zambezia. Filming & Production Jim Cummings as Budzo the Rock Monitor, Marabou. Official Sites Voiced by: Jeremy Suarez. Characters of the 2012 film, Adventures in Zambezia. killing Kai's mother (which made Tendai overprotective of his son) and biting off Sekhuru's wing. Marabous His mother, Amaya was killed by Budzo before the events of the movie. Leonard Nimoy as Chief Sekhuru the African Fish Eagle. A Marabou Stork who is forced to help Budzo get to Zambezia after his brother's death. The commanding officer of the Hurricanes. | He does move on from his wife's death, but doesn't remarry, and it took a while for him to return to Zambezia. Kai is a naive, but high-spirited young Peregrine falcon who lives with his father Tendai. Despair Event Horizon: He gets pretty upset once he is discharged from the Hurricanes. While learning of his father's past, Kai ends up having to work with the Hurricanes to protect Zambezia from the evil Budzo who has persuaded the Marabous (who have been left out of the development of Zambezia) to help him with his invasion. Blue Is Heroic: He has blue feathers, which he inherited from his dead mother.

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