aerial fireworks

However, we tend to group single ignition fireworks separately, you can see these here. Moves around randomly on ground, often whistling. Parachutes can impressively launch nearly 100 feet in the air and can travel quite a ways from their launch site, much like model rockets, so be sure you are ready to go after yours to retrieve them. In addition to gerbs, lances and set pieces, other effects include airbursts, comets, mines, concussion mortars, waterfalls or "Niagara Falls" effects, flash pots, flame projectors, rockets that travel along wires, and custom-built devices and effects. These aerial items can range from $1 to $25 depending on size, height achieved, display diameter, effects, sound and package quantity. VIEW 2 col 3 col 4 col Quick View; Add to wishlist; Armed Forces $69.99. A type of fireworks display where a row of gerbs or fountains hangs down from a supporting structure, and emit white sparks downward, forming a white curtain of sparks. The legal classification of an item is usually defined by its construction details such as size or pyrotechnic contents, chemicals used, and so forth. Mortar shells launch high into the air, as high as 300 feet, before exploding into a complex burst that is reminiscent of a 1.3g professional display. Create a new account. Cost aside, however, the majority of people would agree that there is no better choice for a fireworks show grand finale than a large Aerial Repeater cake. We will send you an email to reset your password. At Aerial Fireworks, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service that earns your ongoing business. For a discussion of legal classifications, see this page. Mines. Connected by a fuse, these tubes are designed to fire in a series, resulting in multiple shots firing at the same time. See this page for a discussion of "200-gram cakes" vs. "500-gram cakes." Sold individually or strung together on strings in "packs". Also known as helicopters, flying spinners are not what most people think about when they picture aerial fireworks. What other fireworks should barrages be used with? Aerial Fireworks has been serving Alberta Pyrotechnic Professionals since 2004. Missiles, on the other hand, resemble miniature NASA rockets and range from 2 inch tall versions (like the old-fashioned Whistling Gemini Rocket) to 18 inch tall versions. Britannia Waves Red, White & Blue Roman Candle, Brocade Crown Parade 175 shot Roman Candle. Those are the most common, but there are kits with other numbers; some are huge kits withseveral mortars and many shells.

7. Fireworks are a great way to celebrate with friends and family. ... Desert At Night A long time favorite, starts with a fountain and then ends with a volly of aerial shells. Missiles, on the other hand, resemble miniature NASA rockets and range from 2 inch tall versions (like the old-fashioned Whistling Gemini … By placing the stick in a bottle, the mouth of the bottle controls the direction of flight. Because of this variety, a few well-chosen Roman candles can dramatically enhance any fireworks show. This is different from a skyrocket, which does not have fins and has a stick to stabilize it. A boxed kit which cotains one or more mortars, and any number of shells to launch from those mortars. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (219) 937-4090. Featuring a single fuse, these produce a mini firework display on their own.

Aerial Selection- as the name suggests this box contains all aerial fireworks without any fountains or wheels. Our certified staff have performed hundreds of displays across Western Canada and are committed to the highest level of customer service. We look forward to becoming your one-stop shop for all your fireworks needs! 07961 157333 0114 4570945 [email protected]. The traditional 1.4g shell is in the shape of a circular ball, typically 1.75 inches in diameter in the United States, with the propellant cylinder mounted at the bottom. When lit it gives some kind of pyrotechnic performance, for example emitting sparks, opening up, or moving around on the ground, A pellet of pyrotechnic composition which emits an ash in the general shape of a snake, A device which emits smoke, usually in a color, and can be in the form of a smoke ball, cartridge or other design, A ground device which emits a series of bright flashing lights, A firework which sits on the ground and sprays displays of color sparks, whistles, crackle or other effects, A spinning firework that performs on the ground only, often moving in random directions, A common firework item which is a stick coated with pyrotechnic material, which gives off sparks or other effects while it burns, and is designed to be held in hand by the user, A common firework item which is a fountain in a long cylindrical tube, which gives off sparks or other effects while it burns, and is designed to be held in hand by the user, A common firework item which emits a colored flame, and is designed to be held in hand by the user or laid on the ground, A multi-shot aerial firework, in one package, and fused internally so that the user needs to light only one external fuse, and the effects fire in sequence. Some missiles, such as Warhead Launcher, do not have fins and are spin-stabilized, An aerial firework that flies upward as it spins. As you might suspect, fiberglass mortar tubes are more expensive, but provide greater safety and stability than the cardboard models and are, quite frankly, a requirement to safely and properly shoot the more impressive powder-packed shells. They don’t blast high into the air, and are often sold with ground fireworks.

Unlike traditional ground fireworks, helicopters actually lift into the air, upwards of 100 feet, before ejecting a shower of sparks or even exploding altogether.

To create even more action in the air, you can also find double, triple, quad and quintuple shells… where you have two to five balls attached together for maximum explosion in the air! Skyrockets are among the oldest and most traditional types of aerial fireworks.

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