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DESCRIPTION: We have a great selection of Spotted Pythons for sale here at Reptmart. Avg. Children’s pythons come from the North of Australia. Other Pythons for Sale in the United States. They have a typical python head shape with heat-sensory pits on the snout.

This species attains a length of just three feet, making it an extremely manageable snake. Spotted Pythons.

Cage size: 600L x 450W x 450H (mm) Feeding: 1-2 mice every 7 days Experience: Beginner The Spotted Python or ‘Mac’ is the largest and best known of the Children’s python group.

Reptiles For Sale. £125 No Offers For Sale male spotted python. YOUR CART. It is 3 to 31⁄2 feet long, and it occurs over an immense range from eastern to Western Australia.

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Children's Pythons are one of the smaller python species available on the market.

Try browsing the Other Pythons Index if you're looking for something specific. Antaresia stimsoni. These petite little pythons are some of the smallest pythons that are kept in captivity. This species attains a length of just three feet, making it an extremely manageable snake. Children, not because they are particularly suitable for kids, though as fate would have it, they are. Experience: Beginner. Their average adult size is around 3 feet long.

Childrens Python Antaresia childreni. This advert is located in and around Dudley, West Midlands. The dark blotches can be joined or separated along the body. In nature, they are known to catch bats mid-flight by hanging from stalactites. Cage Size: 600L x 450W x 350H (mm) Feeding: 1-2 mice every 7 days Experience: Beginner Avg. Available sizes are as follows: It's the perfect python for a smaller enclosure.

It reaches a length of up to 1.5m in extreme examples, though specimens normally reach […]

DESCRIPTION: We have a great selection of Children's Pythons for sale here at Reptmart. Cage Size: 600L x 450W x 350H (mm) Feeding: 1-2 mice every 7 days Experience: Beginner Avg. Length: 1 (m) Temp: 26-35°C on the heat source Min. This ‘race’ of Antaresia appears to be confined to the Mount Carbine to Mossman area of north Queensland. Antaresia maculosa Avg. For more information, check out How It Works. For Sale Care Links FAQs Contact Dragons Search by typing & pressing enter. Named after the naturalist J.G. Antaresia stimsoni. Antaresia maculosa We have some captive bred Spotted Pythons for sale at truly low prices. Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons.

SPOTTED PYTHON CARE SHEET Antaresia maculosa Care Sheet. Pygmy Pythons (Antaresia perthen sis) Clutch Name: Date Hatched: Clutch Sire: Clutch Dam: PCL15: 4/21/15: Lazik line pygmy python: Lazik line pygmy python: Available Offspring: Picture: ID number: Gender: Price: Notes: PCL15-1: Male: SOLD: Nice male Lazik line pygmy, pick of the litter. It is found only in inland areas in the east, south and north, but it extends to the coast in Western Australia. This Australian species is popular due to its fairly small size and docile demeanor. Avg. 43 days ago .

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Antaresia childreni. Anyone know any breeders in Brisbane selling spotted or childrens python hatchlings or yearlings. Please email me if you are interested in joining the waiting list. The Spotted Python is the largest member within the genus Antaresia reaching a total length of 3-3.5ft. Rare offering of Pygmy Stimson’s pythons! It's the perfect python for a smaller enclosure. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Antaresia maculosa. Home bred .

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