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However a better result may be achieved by choosing one of the other levels, such as series or government, to explore. The records also have an option to view more details about them.

In the Simple Search you can narrow your initial search results by selecting only the records of a particular agency. Searching by format is also an option in Simple Search but you can only apply it after you have run your initial search and have a list of records. Records returned by the Advanced Search are listed with the archives reference codes that identify where they came from and where they are now held. ship* would exclude: If you enter more than one word you can also use the ‘exact’ or ‘any words’ options. The focus is websites relating to Iwi/Hapū, treaty settlements, te reo Māori and te ao Māori. This is a less direct path but, by following the links, you may find other records that are relevant to your research and that didn’t contain your keyword(s). This option is limited to the last agency (“department”) that controlled the records. See more about search criteria below. Learn about our records and how to use them to research and discover your family history. Click on the ‘more’ link to find out more about a record and how to go about ordering it at an Archives New Zealand office. Find out how. Search items in the web archive using the National Library Catalogue. However you can end up with a large number of results, many of which may be off the topic. Perform research on people, places, events and other popular topics of interest. The arts and culture collection is a representation of websites selected on the themes of arts, humanities and culture. The Simple Search is best suited for finding information on people. Choosing organisations, jurisdictions or functions will return a list of results.

Too many results - you can reduce the number of results by using distinctive or uncommon keywords in your search, adding additional keywords, or using more than one search criteria where this option is provided. Getting around - the options ‘back’, ‘new search’, and ‘home’, can be found at the top of the screen. If you are interested in the records of a particular person or government department, choose to start with agency. Their names may be captured in indexes, which cannot yet be searched on-line.

Archives New Zealand has offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. These deal with different aspects of the content or context of the records that are held by Archives New Zealand. Click on ‘back’ to go back through your search a step at a time. you might find a particular department that dealt with your topic of research and explore their records. Click the sort chevron twice to reverse sort (descending order). If you have an old archives reference you can enter it in this field. Some government archives are also held in other repositories around the country. The scope of the arts and culture web archive includes; artist/creator websites and blogs, criticism and review sites, forums, organisations and associations, conferences, symposiums, festivals and awards, plus museums, and galleries and performance spaces.

NB. The environment collection includes websites about climate change, conservation, sustainability and natural disasters such as the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.

You can use these relationship links in Archway to move between levels, e.g. The relative merits of searching directly for records or searching in context are described below.

Any website content that requires you to be signed in, or registered to a particular site will generally not be archived.This is due to technical or legal reasons, or because it was located on an external site. Agency Advanced Search

There are seven general formats that you can search for: Archives New Zealand has offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. Click on the diagram above for more detailed definitions of each. The web archive is part of the Alexander Turnbull Library collections. If you choose to search directly at the records level you will be given a wide range of criteria to shape your search. this criterion needs to be combined with another such as ‘Keyword’ or ‘Held at‘. For example, search boxes generally require a search engine and this functionality cannot be captured in archived sites. If this is the case, try removing some words and running the search again. Clearing your search criteria - in the Advanced Search you can click on the appropriate level in the diagram to clear your search, or choose ‘new search’ from the top of the screen. Some government archives are also held in other repositories around the country. NB. NB. NB. You can search for records that have a particular word or words in their title. Research military records at the National Archives from the Revolutionary War to the present. Canterbury Earthquake web archive collection, Canterbury Rebuild web archive collection. by date range, or by the office of Archives New Zealand in which the records are held. This will return a list of results. The records also have an option to view more details about them. Research a Specific Topic. ship would find: If you enter more than one word you can also specify whether the words appear singly or in combination, adjacent or apart e.g.

Let us know if there are New Zealand or Pacific websites you would like to suggest for the web archives. files, photographs, film, maps, paintings etc. Archived websites are identified by an icon that has the word website on it. We also archive more obscure sport and recreation sites such as bathtub racing and an entire blog dedicated to Cricket Poetry! The New Zealand Web Archive (web archive) includes websites collected since 1999 and includes websites that are no longer online. For Advanced Search this decision is made at the beginning.

Most of the websites in the web archive are collected at regular intervals. The New Zealand Web Archive is a collection of archived New Zealand and Pacific websites. Sorting your results - use the chevrons in the column headings to sort a list by a particular column. You can search for records that relate to a period of time by entering a range of years or a single year. ‘New Zealand Railways Department — general’, Any Words (any of the words) You can ensure you get a manageable result by using distinctive or uncommon keywords, or entering more than one search criteria where this option is provided (see search criteria below). Most of the websites in the web archive are collected at regular intervals. Archived websites require specialised viewers to access content and we are continually working to improve them. This will help you discover what records were created and where they can be found. Legal deposit — find out if you need to deposit your publication with the National Library. Help - you will find a link to the help pages in the top right-hand corner of most screens. The simplest option is to view any results you have for records, but there can be advantages in starting at a higher level, such as agency, and using the links provided as a pathway to find what you want. See more about this model below. Find - If you are looking for the occurrence of a word in a body of text use Ctrl F (a standard Microsoft Windows feature) and type in word you want to find. For the Simple search your initial results will give you multiple ways to proceed. In the Advanced Search you can look for records that belong to a particular agency. It is a selected collection of websites about New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Access items in the New Zealand Web Archive . There are many ways in which people interact with government. Searching in context allows you to get an overview of an area or sector of government from which you can identify promising lines of enquiry, e.g. Research and Development Survey 2008 for CRIs (PDF, 16 pages, 779kB) Research and Development Survey 2008 for Govt sector (PDF, 16 pages, 772kB) Statistical Standard for Research … NB. The limitation to searching at the record level is that any keyword search is based only on the title of the records.

See more about search criteria below.

See the Archives New Zealand website for researching information. Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, '2006-2014 Occupation Data' (prepared for Careers New Zealand), 2015. The University Library also maintains a restricted access repository for research outputs that we do not have permission to make more widely available. NB. You can navigate the archived website by clicking on the link in the online record. There are many ways in which people interact with government. If your keyword is not in the title, the record (however relevant) will not be returned. ship* would find: Boolean searches - including ‘exact’, ‘all words’ and ‘any words’ are offered for most keyword searches.

Enter a name in the search box and click GO. The series and records entities provide information about the content of the records and how they were organised and used. The other options are ‘quick’ links to entities beneath it in the hierarchy. Internet Archive — a non-profit organisation building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. The records option is the most direct pathway to follow. Online index to New Zealand Government archives. At various points in Archway you are given a choice of descriptive level to search on. All offices are selected to begin with. This criterion is best combined with a search for a single agency (see agency criterion above) or a single series (see series criterion above). Old Friends website — information about archiving

Click on the note to read it.

Wildcard searching - Archway will look for exact and grammatically equivalent matches unless you use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard, e.g. Archived websites by and for Māori are represented in all our selection areas. You may also improve your results by adding an asterisk (*) as a wildcard (see above), trying alternative spellings (especially for names), or changing the Boolean search to ‘all words’ or ‘any words’.

This will search across all levels of description for that name. e.g. See the New Zealand General Elections web archive collection. Note that this feature may not be supported by some web browsers. The sport and recreation collection covers a wide range of websites from traditional sports and sporting related bodies, clubs and associations. The simplest option is to view any records that have your keyword(s) in the title.

It is useful to structure your research around key events in a person’s life, for example, birth, death, marriage, education and immigration. NB. Check the Suggestions at the bottom of the results page for advice on sources that a name search might overlook. Also archived are websites and blogs reflecting a wide range of issues relating to gender issues and sexuality. At the agency and series levels there is a range of criteria that you can apply directly to your search. This search is very broad because it searches across all records in Archway. Websites are archived for long-term preservation and research purposes. Once you have a list of records, by whatever pathway, Archway will give you the option to refine this by other criteria, e.g. Clicking on the button will bring up a range of search criteria including format.

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