berg balance

Sitting to standing _____ Instruction: Please stand up. Stroke 37: 631. (2005). Find it on PubMed, Stevenson, T. J.

0000021177 00000 n Stevenson, T. J. 0000034105 00000 n 0000038572 00000 n 0000011017 00000 n

0000022195 00000 n Brusse, Kevin J, Zimdars, Sandy, Zalewski, Kathryn R, & Steffen, Teresa M. (2005). Find it on PubMed, Wee, J., Wong, H., et al. Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria 67(3B): 831-835. (2009).

"Evaluation of the effect of ankle-foot orthosis use on balance and mobility in hemiparetic stroke patients." Dementia:  (Telenius et al., 2015), n=33; Mean age= 82.7 Find it on PubMed. J. Pub.

1996;76:576-585. [2] For functional balance tests, the BBS is generally considered to be the gold standard. 0000005951 00000 n �}�.JiL3��

[1] Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Ataxia, vertigo, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. "Balance in personal care home residents: a comparison of the Berg Balance Scale, the Multi-Directional Reach Test, and the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale." Journal of Vestibular Research 18(5): 295-303. The minimum detectablefckLRchange of the Berg Balance Scale in elderly people. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 84(5): 731-735. "Age- and gender-related test performance in community-dwelling elderly people: Six-Minute Walk Test, Berg Balance Scale, Timed Up & Go Test, and gait speeds." "A multivariate examination of temporal changes in Berg Balance Scale items for patients with ASIA Impairment Scale C and D spinal cord injuries." Whitney, S., D. Wrisley, et al. Zum Beispiel gibt es einige Aufgaben im BBS, um das dynamische Gleichgewicht zu testen, was seine Fähigkeit einschränken kann, ältere Erwachsene herauszufordern, die unabhängig in der Gemeinschaft leben. Declines in performance with increasing age observed in both men and women.

Find it on PubMed.

Mao, H. F., I. P. Hsueh, et al. Mean BBS score: 46 (7) points; range = 43–49. Clin Rehabil 23(11): 1018-1033. Validation of the Berg Balance Scale as a predictor of length of stay and discharge destination in stroke rehabilitation. The magnitude of responsiveness was recorded as large but stated as, The MDC for the entire group (n=46):  5.9, < 52.5 indicates a risk for falls (Sensitivity 73%; Specificity 77%), Excellent test-retest reliability (ICC= 0.98), Excellent interrater reliability (ICC= 0.99). (1999). (2011). Testing functional performance in people with Parkinson disease. Physical Therapy 87(9): 1155-1163. "Functional gait assessment and balance evaluation system test: reliability, validity, sensitivity, and specificity for identifying individuals with Parkinson disease who fall." Public Health, 83(S2): S7-S11, 1992.) (2002). (1999). The Berg Balance Scale (or BBS) is a widely used clinical test of a person's static and dynamic balance abilities, named after Katherine Berg, one of the developers. [7] Considerable evidence indicates that the BBS is also a valid measure of standing balance in post-stroke patients, but only for those who ambulate independently, due to the tasks that are required of the patient. 0000005917 00000 n Feld, J. 0000001597 00000 n

(2015). Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, 24(8), 579–584. "Concurrent validity of the Berg Balance Scale and the Dynamic Gait Index in people with vestibular dysfunction." Validity, reliability, and ability to identify fall status of the Berg Balance Scale, BESTest, Mini-BESTest, and Brief-BESTest in patients with COPD. Neurorehabil Neural Repair 24(1): 70-77. 0000001792 00000 n . Find it on PubMed, Steffen, T. M., Hacker, T. A., et al. [1] The use of the BBS as an outcome measure is compromised when participants score high on initial trials. This test takes about 15 min to complete and is a sensitive measure as it is able to discriminate between patients with various mobility aids (Berg et al., 1992).

"A multivariate examination of temporal changes in Berg Balance Scale items for patients with ASIA Impairment Scale C and D spinal cord injuries."

Can. Try not to use your hands for support.

0 points are awarded to answers portraying the lowest level of function while 4 points are awarded to the highest level of function. J Geriatr Phys Ther 28(2): 48-53. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Berg Balance, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren!

Jetzt online blättern! The relationship between balance ability and walking ability using the Berg Balance Scale in people with transfemoral amputation. … Berg Balance Score for Community-Dwelling Adults: (Conradsson et al, 2007; Institutionalized Older Adults), Older Adults Living in Nursing Homes: (Viviero et al., 2019), Institutionalized Older Adults: (Holbein-Jenny et al., 2005; n = 26; mean age = 85.3 (4.9) years; inclusion criteria = able to stand without an assistive device; mean BBS score = 41.3 (9) points; mean ABC = 54.0 (24.9)), Community-Dwelling Older Adults: (Berg, Maki et al., 1992), Institutionalized Older Adults: (Conradsson et al., 2007), Institutionalized Older Adults: (Holbein-Jenny et al., 2005), Older Adults Living in Nursing Homes: (Viveiro et al, 2019), Older Adults: (Shumway-Cook et al., 1997), Excellent correlation with Dynamic Gait Index (r = .67), Older Adults: (Bogle et al., 1996; n = 66; mean age = 79.2 (6.2) years; irrespective of age, gender or disability)*, High specificity (96%) for predicting non-fallers, Low sensitivity (53%) in positive prediction of falls, *In a 1996 PT Journal Letter to the Editor, Raymond Tsang challenged the results of this study. "Berg balance scale: intrarater test-retest reliability among older people dependent in activities of daily living and living in residential care facilities." Test    Tester    Mean (SD)    Range    ICC    SEM    MDC    MDC% In most items, the subject is asked to maintain a given position for a specific time. Shirley Ryan AbilityLab does not provide emergency medical services. (2010). In most cases Physiopedia articles are a secondary source and so should not be used as references. (2019).


Cronbach’s α coefficient of the BBS was 0.948. 0000037609 00000 n

0000003008 00000 n

Try not to use your hand for support. Find it on PubMed, Wirz, M., Muller, R., et al. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 90(7): 1208-1217., Berg, K., Wood-Dauphinee, S., et al. 22 0 obj <> endobj

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Age- and gender-related test performance in community-dwelling elderly people: Six-Minute Walk Test, Berg Balance Scale, Timed Up and Go Test, and gait speeds. [2] The BBS correlates satisfactorily with laboratory measures, including postural sway, and has good concurrent criterion, predictive criterion, and construct validity. Die Interpretation des Ergebnisses lautet: Alternativ kann der BBS als mehrstufiges Instrument verwendet werden, wobei das Risiko von Mehrfachstürzen unter einen Wert von 45 und ein signifikanter Anstieg unter 40 steigt. endstream endobj 31 0 obj<> endobj 32 0 obj[/ICCBased 66 0 R] endobj 33 0 obj<> endobj 34 0 obj<>stream (2017). "Standing balance assessment in ASIA D paraplegic and tetraplegic participants: concurrent validity of the Berg Balance Scale." The Berg Balance Scale (BBS) is a 14-item objective measure that assesses static balance and fall risk in adults.

Disability & Rehabilitation 24(15): 774-785. Find it on PubMed, Lemay, J. F. and Nadeau, S. (2010).

Find it on PubMed, Holbein-Jenny, M. A., Billek-Sawhney, B., et al. *P<0.5. "The Balance Scale: reliability assessment with elderly residents and patients with an acute stroke." Canadian Journal of Rehabilitation 10: 35-50. La Porta, F., Caselli, S., et al.

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2018), Mean (SD) BBS score: 48.51 (4.84) (Madhavan, et al, 2017; n = 41; mean age = 59.4 (9.05) years; mean time post CVA = 5.68 (4.29); lower limb Fugl-Meyer Motor score between 20 and 30). Recommendations for use based on acuity level of the patient: Recommendations Based on Parkinson Disease Hoehn and Yahr stage: Recommendations based on level of care in which the assessment is taken: Recommendations based on SCI AIS Classification: Recommendations for use based on ambulatory status after brain injury: Recommendations based on EDSS Classification: Recommendations based on vestibular diagnosis, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

A., M. H. Rabadi, et al. (2011). Parkinson's Disease patients in Hoehn & Yahr stages 4-5 would be unable to complete the test since an assistive device cannot be utilized during testing; for vestibular dysfunction, the BBS may not be the best measure to identify individuals at risk for falling (Whitney et al., 2003).

Either a step or a stool of average step height may be used for item # 12. Stroke 33(4): 1022. (2007). Phys Ther. Find it on PubMed, Wee, J. Y., Bagg, S. D., et al. Physical Therapy, 96(11), 1807–1815. (2001). A., Overend, T. J., & Kramer, J. F. (2011). Der Untersucher bewertet die Ausführungen nach genauen Vorgaben mit einer Punktzahl von 0 (schlecht) bis 4 (gut). (1996). Thorbahn LD, Newton RA (1996) Use of the Berg Balance Test to predict falls in elderly persons Phys Ther 76, 6, 576-83. Can. Spinal Cord 48(3): 245-250.

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