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Casey is blindsided by grief after her mother’s sudden death, drowning in debt, and barely making it through her days as a waitress and aspiring novelist. Queen Latifah Gets Drafted to Adam Sandler’s Basketball Film. Before you start My Dark Vanessa, clear your schedule for the next few days—this harrowing account of sexual abuse and its lifelong aftershocks will utterly consume you. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in a novel that will transport you to another place or explore the multifaceted world of short stories, there’s something here for you. You'll see echoes of our modern times when you meet Lizzie, a librarian working at the university she dropped out of to help her drug-addicted brother. The Best Fiction Books Coming Out in 2020. One of our most formally ambitious writers returns with a sublime new fiction about a woman struggling to finish her overdue novel, as she becomes increasingly obsessed with the challenge of writing in the present tense and capturing the slippery nature of time. The women celebrate Dr. Wendy’s daughter while questioning Candiace’s choice to prosecute Monique to “the full extent” of the law. —ML, Set amid the fraught intensity of a prestigious MFA program, We Wish You Luck by Caroline Zancan is a twisted campus novel told in the third person, which collectively expresses the perspective of three ambitious, brilliant students who take it upon themselves to present one of their professors as a plagiarist. I wanted to bottle up this novel into some sort of youthful essence, an eau de parfum comprising heavy notes of writerly nostalgia and wispier whiffs of long, stretched-out afternoons gazing out the window waiting for the Muses to waltz in. 25 Must-Read Fall Books You'll Tear Through, Read Every Single 'Sweet Magnolias' Book Now, The 20 Hottest Romance Novels of All Time, 20 Great Parenting Books for Rookie Moms and Dads, 25 Best Baby Books for Your Nursery Bookshelves, The Very Best Christmas Books to Read This Year. Like so many real life actresses who we’ve seen mocked for falling into addiction mental illness, Grace’s life, career and reputation take a disturbing turn as begins to question the Hollywood power dynamics that destroy women’s lives. Combined with testimony from psychologists and academics, what arises from Orenstein’s thorough, sensitive exploration of the subject is a clear-eyed portrait of how toxic masculinity takes root—and how we must course-correct in raising our boys before it’s too late. Hudson’s debut, written in undeniable, visceral prose, is downright ravishing. —AG, After years living in England, Lina returns to Colombia, where she spent her childhood years, eager to find the old friend she believes will help her unravel the secrets surrounding her mother’s death.

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