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Season Pass 2020-21 FAQs ; Buy Tickets Online ; Supporters' Code of … Mike Sheron says his side need to show more courage to turn results in their favour after Rovers Under-18s suffered defeat to Manchester United on Saturday.

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You must always consult a qualified healthcare professional when undertaking fitness, training or nutiritonal programmes.

Check out the, FREE Football Scouting Secrets Blackbook>, Players Vital Statistics: Players position, Age, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, contact email/phone/address, current club, previous clubs, detail of any trials already attended, any representative honours such as school, districts, county etc, Fixture list of your current team, including location and kick off time to be passed to scout, The professional development phase at the Blackburn Rovers Academy, The youth development phase at the Blackburn Rovers Academy, The foundation phase at the Blackburn Rovers Academy, The youth / professional development phase at the Blackburn Rovers Academy, The foundation development goalkeeper phase at the Blackburn Rovers Academy, Passing – Playing forwards through tight passing channels, Receiving the ball – Receiving the ball in the air to pass in the least number of touches, Passing – Generic passing practises to move the ball on two touches, Running / Dribbling with the ball – Developing the 1st touch to break through a variation of receiving surfaces, Running / Dribbling with the ball – Variations in the dribble to advance in 1 v 1’s, Shooting – Shifting the ball to get shots off under pressure, Passing – Keeping the ball moving for a long period of time, Manipulating the ball – Shifting the ball across the body with a variation of surfaces, Turning – Turning away from pressure and protecting possession of the ball, Possession (Playing out from the back) – Midfield rotation to receive high and low open up passing channels, Possession (Retaining the ball to penetrate) – Working in front or behind opponents to retain the ball looking to play forwards, Possession (Game management) – Playing with and against an overload (the extra man), Attacking (Counter attacking) – Breaking from the defending third, Attacking (Centrally) – Playing between lines and breaking lines with and without the ball, Attacking (Wide areas) – 1 v 1’s, 2 v 2’s to create goal keeping opportunities, Defending (Individual) – Approach to the ball dependent on the opposition and area of the pitch, Defending (Groups & Units) – Defending later and deeper, Defending (Making play predictable, Regains and Possession Decision) – Pressure as the team/group hunting the ball for quick regain, Goalkeeper support – Variety of passes and support for players in possession, Goalkeeper support – Awareness of best option looking to penetrate with distribution, Goalkeeper support – How the goalkeeper can affect the state of the game, Goalkeeper defending – How to deal with 1 v 1 situations in game situations, Goalkeeper defending – Early shots always being set in and around the box, Goalkeeper defending – Positioning and decision making in dealing with the cross, Goalkeeper communications – Organisation and support to the defender, Goalkeeper communications – Communications to players away from the ball, Goalkeeper communications – Developing the goalkeeper to compact, Protecting the Ball – Setting the scene for receiving on the safe side – guidelines for success, Passing – Short, quick and high tempo passing in small groups, Receiving the Ball- Developing the set as part of link play to move the ball forwards, Turning – Developing turns under passive pressure to include disguise, Shooting – Longer distance shooting relevant to the age of the group, Running / Dribbling With the Ball – Long and thin practices to practice breaking into space from a dribble or receiving the ball, Shooting – One touch finishing around the goal on angles with pressure approaching, Passing – Passing within larger areas focusing on techniques to a longer pass (floor / aerially), Manipulating the Ball – Quick foot movements to manipulate a small skills ball, Possession (Individual) – Developing players to receive the ball and maintain possession on their safe side, Possession (Group Play) – Develop players to receive and play away from pressure in small groups, Possession (Directional) – Possession / wave practises maintaining the speed of the ball from start to finish, Attacking (Individual) – Changes of direction and speed to beat opponents, Attacking (Groups) – Small group attacking practices (4v4, 5v5). Under-18s boss Mike Sheron is hoping for a change of fortunes for his side this weekend in game two of their 2020-21 campaign. Player PathwayGet ScoutedTrainingNutrition.

Alternatively, please email - note that live chat is recommended for the quickest response on a matchday. As an FA licensed centre we adopt the FA's aim.

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