buck build paladins

Don't forget to reload during Heroic Leap (this works exceptionally well in a Duel when Heroic Leap comes back up and you are still fighting). Which is mainly consists of life steal and jumping ability. There's a general opinion that Buck is weak, and as someone that has hundreds of games on him as a main, as well as every other character to a minimum of at least 5, I'd have to vehemently disagree with that idea. Buck Wild Damage Sequences: At 40 meters, Buck Wild + Basic Shot will do about 1000 damage to the body (give or take). Buck is a Flanker, but due to his rather high health, he can fight in the middle of a group with the best of them. With Recovery active, you not only get an additional 250 health out of it (due to 1s extra duration), you get 5 total seconds of 20% Life Steal. No matter what your playstyle is, you’ll find it in Paladins. Paladins - Battle Pass 3 - Remix Challenges Guide and Tips, Paladins - Five Things to Become a Better Flanker, Immediately before/after you land, fire your netshot onto the target to secure the hit, Use recovery when taking damage (only effective up until enemy has Cauterize II), If losing the battle, use your leap afterwards to retreat, then activate recovery while behind cover to quickly re-engage, Great mobility with a (by default) 6-second leap, Running the Stomping Ground card with 3 - 4 points and getting kills lets you chain your abilities together very quickly, Low DPS on his Shotgun compared to other flank weapons, Shotgun fires slowly with .9 seconds inbetween each shot, Only weapon in the game that has a single bullet reload instead of a clip reload, Using recovery in a fight is only effective before Cauterize II, Getting hit with any crippling or stunning moves is a death sentence. In game items that grant Lifesteal, or Health on Kill/Elimination are also very good for Buck, and help him keep the fight going for longer periods of time. Do you want it to be all about Giga Siphon (Life Steal)?

The numbers listed below are for the cards at level 1, so keep in mind that the numbers can change if you level up the cards in your loadout. Last updated on Oct 13, 2020 at 19:41 by Urthearso 3 comments. Other Paladins Guides: Lian Guide. Some obstacles to note: A well-fortified (and specced) Barik is extremely hard to kill while fighting his turrets, shield, and Shotgun. Heroic Leap > Activate Buck Wild > Land (350 Damage) > Net Shot (150 Damage) > Headshot will do 2150 Damage. With Net Shot, this will usually push it to about 1100 or so which means you can 2 shot many characters without being point blank.

Heads up you should win this fight, but a lot of the time she can delay dying (allowing someone else to damage you while you wait... which you shouldn't do), or she can run to a place that isn't worth you following.). Know distances and heights:It's incredibly important to know which gaps you can jump to and what ledges you can reach with your Heroic Leap. Buck's damage comes entirely from his weapon, so having that 10% damage reduction will go a long way to shutting down the character, making you more survivable and him easier to kill as a result. One of my favorite builds, this loadout is specifically for getting in, killing someone, getting out, healing up, and starting over again. Know about "Active Cooldowns":Note: Buck Wild, Vigor, and Stomping Ground ONLY affect skills on "Active Cooldown", meaning a number is counting down. Wrecker: This isn't your job, however, if you are fighting a lot of Ruckus 1 on 1, think about picking it up.Typically wrecker is best for characters that can do good damage from distance (Cassie, Kinessa, Drogoz, Bomb King, Viktor, etc).Note: The longer the match goes (Siege), the more obvious your choices become.

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