dayton triangles vs columbus panhandles

His kick rebounded over the goal line and out of the end zone for a safety. And, just to prove his versatility, Coach-Fullback Neale contributed four out of five extra points to the team’s total.

However, Bacon’s try for the extra point failed, and the Triangles held their lead by the narrowest possible margin — one point. As coach of the team, he had them ready for their opener so that they moved through their paces with seldom a miscue.

In the third quarter, Neale went over from 25 yards out and Partlow scored twice, once on a plunge and once on a long punt return.

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The Indianans gave the Ohioans all they could handle, and Dayton could consider itself fortunate in scoring a victory. However, in the second half Lou Reese, the Dayton quarterback, unlimbered his passing arm to put the game out of the Heralds’ reach. The answer to one burning question would go a long way toward answering the others: what would Jim Thorpe do?

Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. It was the best job of ball control that Dayton had seen in a long time. The Triangle coach and star runner was Canton’s former “Foster” — Earle “Greasy” Neale. They fumbled a punt at their own ten-yard line and Dayton recovered. But it should not be forgotten that he was one of the most successful two-sport athletes of all time. Neale was later to win deserved fame as a football coach on both the college and professional level. A majority of the team stayed from the 1919 team, including the coaching staff, while two playe…

The opening quarter saw both teams threaten to score as the play was quite even. As fullback, he showed the coach that he had an able ball carrier who could get the tough yards and also break away for long gains. In stopping the Wabash offense, the Triangles’ secondary defense played outstandingly. Lou Partlow did the honors with a great 29-yard burst right through the center of the line. Again, Neale kicked all three extra points. But, when he missed the extra point, it meant that Dayton was still in danger of being tied right up to the final whistle. The Triangles finally garnered a touchdown in the final quarter.
Columbus Panhandles 0 at Dayton Triangles 14 on October 3rd, 1920 - Full team and player stats and box score Despite their legendary reputation for rugged play, the ‘Handles did not figure to give the Triangles many problems. At the meeting, they tentatively agreed to introduce a salary cap for the teams, not to sign college players nor players under contract with another team, and became united as the American Professional Football C…

Yet for three quarters, the hastily thrown-together railroader crew held the well-seasoned Triangles scoreless.

Neale kicked the extra point, and the one touchdown lead held through the remainder of the first half.

The Tris made a break for themselves in the first quarter when they caused a Wabash punt to be blocked.

A few of the teams that tried to play found their schedules curtailed first by restrictions placed on train travel and then by the influenza pandemic that brought edicts of no large assemblies across the Midwest. Dayton’s offensive stars Greasy Neale and Lou Partlow were among the best Ohio players of their time. The Triangles entered the season coming off a 5–2–1 record in 1919 in the Ohio League. Find out more. Then he went over himself from seven yards out. The Tris used old-fashioned, straight-ahead football in carving out their victory, seldom finding it necessary to resort to frills like the forward pass. At any rate, his one-game stand was most opportune with Partlow out. The team had not played a game all season; they should have been out of shape, out of sync, and out of luck.

Appropriately enough, Partlow scored the first Dayton touchdown in the opening quarter on a line buck, but the lead was a mere six points when Neale missed his chance for the extra point. Again it was Reese’s throwing that did the trick. Neale’s extra point brought the final score to 21-3. Copyright © 1999.

Article by Professional Football Researchers Association (PFRA) research. The Dayton Triangles and the Miamis staged a football game for one quarter at Triangle Park. Center “Hobby” Kinderdine and end Lee Fenner remained Dayton stars well into the next decade, as did Partlow. Hammond astonished the Daytonians with a drive down the field that totaled 80 yards. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change.

[22], In their second game in three days, the Panhandles played against the Youngstown Patricians. Greasy Neale proved himself the leader of the Dayton contingent in two senses. And as Ohio pro fans’ thoughts turned toward 1919, they had to ask themselves if their Ohio League could return to its pre-war quality.

The fourth quarter was where Dick Abrell asserted himself and ran for two touchdowns to ice the Triangles’ cake. Most data provided by 24-7 Baseball, creators of the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia.

Celebrate the first game of the NFL with a day of family events & entertainment at Triangle Park! Although Sacksteder didn’t break away for one of famous long runs, his mere presence in the lineup tended to draw opponents’ concentration and open things up for the other backs. Knabe set up the first period score with a long run.

On November 3, Dayton defeated a fine team from Hammond, Indiana, by the score of 13 to 7 at Triangle Park.

From there, Lou Partlow took over and battered his way down to and over the goal line. Copyright © 2001, Reproduction of any part of this work without the permission is unlawful.

For figure filberts, the NFL record for touchdowns in a single game is also six, but even the most partial Daytonian would admit that scoring against the Miamis was not the same thing as scoring against the Chicago Bears.

On the first play from scrimmage, Abrell burst through for a touchdown. Somehow, the Triangles managed to keep a team on the field, avoid “flu cancellations,” and beat what few representative teams were still playing football.

Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? Instead, the Indianans’ hopes were dashed as the Triangles proved to have more than enough firepower left in replacement Norb Sacksteder, quarterback Knabe, and coach and fullback Greasy Neale. Pro-Football-Reference utilizes Official NFL data for current NFL seasons. He may have been on leave from the service or perhaps simply retired for the season.

With the game safely in hand, the Triangles were content to practice their defensive skills through a third quarter that saw neither side pick up any points. The team had not played a game all season; they should have been out … Playing their home games at Navin Field, they defeated the Toledo Maroons, Rochester Jeffersons, and three service teams before taking the all-important city championship with a 14-0 win over the Armadas in December.

Early in the last quarter the Heralds narrowed the margin when Pierce connected on a 35-yard field goal after Detroit recovered a Dayton fumble. Neale booted the first two points, but finally missed the last one a few minutes before the final whistle. It was Partlow Time again and big Lou was equal to the task.

Neale missed the extra point. A few minutes later, Abrell went fifteen yards for another touchdown. We present them here for purely educational purposes. Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC.

El 3 de octubre de 1920, los Dayton Triangles vencieron en casa 14-0 a los Columbus Panhandles en el Triangle Park. With the issue still in doubt, the Panhandles made a fatal error. Hammond’s Meyers scored the touchdown on a pass from King, the one-time Harvard star.

Reese uncorked a beautiful pass to Carl “Dutch” Thiele who scampered into the end zone. Lou Partlow scored six touchdowns for the victors.

Without contenders in Canton, Massillon, Akron, Youngstown, or Cleveland, the always-mythical “league” could not exist on even a speculative level. In the Hammond backfield were three longtime pros of note: Halfback Emmett Specht, a sandlotter who later became a mounted policeman in Chicago; Fullback Dick King, a former Harvard star; and Frank Bacon, a speedy halfback who was to earn applause in the post-war years with Dayton. The PFRA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving professional football history. Data Provided By The Tris went on the road for a November 10 game at Detroit. Deftly, they pulled off a trick pass play that saw the ball go from Partlow to Abrell and then downfield to end Chuck Helvie waiting in the end zone for a touchdown.

The Heralds proved harder to beat in their own backyard than they had two weeks previously at Dayton, but the Triangles hung on to register a second victory over the Motor City eleven, this time by a 15-0 count.

The highpoint of that career found him the regular centerfielder for the 1919 World Series champion Cincinnati Reds. The final score was 62-0, as the Tris scored three touchdowns in each of the final three periods. Again, he bulled over, and, again, Neale missed the extra point to make the final score 12-0.

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If the quality of Ohio pro football was reduced by military service call-ups in 1918, it is logical that the same can be said for teams in all other parts of the country. In the third quarter, Neale pulled off the play of the game when he made a long run to score off a fake kick. The Maroons aided the Triangles’ cause immeasurably by fumbling the ball almost every time they had the chance. The Heralds who still retained some of their pre-war players, played a tough game for the first half, and only a fumble put the Tris in front at the intermission.
The ‘Handles were aided by ankle-deep mud that turned the field into a slippery mess and hampered the speedy Triangle backs considerably.

It turned out to be no challenge at all. Neale collected the first touchdown on a plunge, and, although he missed the extra point, his toe was more accurate a few minutes later when he booted a 20-yard field goal that brought the score to 9-0. [16][17], In their third game of the season, the Panhandles played against the non-APFA Fort Wayne Friars.

He starred for three consecutive national championship teams, something not even Thorpe could claim. Save the date – Saturday, October 3, 2020.

Again, Neale missed his try for the extra point, but a few minutes later he made up for it when he dropkicked through the uprights for a 40-yard field goal that brought the final score to a safe margin. Are you a Stathead, too? Significance in the Formation of the NFL and Professional Football in America.

Furthermore, no credible contender for the U.S. title from outside Ohio has ever been uncovered. Watch our How-To Videos to Become a Stathead, Subscribe to Stathead and get access to more data than you can imagine. But the Triangles came right back and widened the gap. When they found themselves on the Detroit ten-yard line, the opportunity had arrived.

Despite canceling one October game because of the flu epidemic, the Heralds played eight games in 1918 and lost only the pair to the Triangles. In addition, this time around the Daytonians were forced to appear without the services of star halfback Lou Partlow, on the sidelines nursing his broken ribs.

His zinger to Neale was good for 25 yards and a touchdown. The Columbus Panhandles finished their 1919 season with a 3–6–1 record in the Ohio League.

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