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Dominican University values the ideals of Study, Community, Reflection, and Service. Up to 68 semester hours are accepted in transfer from a two-year school and up to 90 semester hours are accepted from four-year colleges and universities. T: (708) 366-2490 Describe a challenge you overcame. it will transfer in some capacity. Courses from departments that are not listed in the guides are not generally accepted in transfer. The transfer admissions process includes the evaluation of several factors, including academics, leadership both inside and outside the classroom, recommendation from a teacher, counselor or community leader, and your personal essay. We are fortunate that our beautiful, spacious campus grounds allow for community even as we employ best public health protocols. If you have more questions, please review our Nursing Transfer FAQ page. The university will evaluate all hours submitted by the transfer applicant and reserves the right to accept or deny any of the credits for transfer. Everything you do at Dominican contributes to your personal and professional goals. A transfer student is one who has earned at least 12 semester hours of transferable college credit after receiving a high school diploma or GED certificate. Will Fall 2020 Classes Be Offered On Campus? Unofficial Transcripts may now be accepted as a provisional document in place of … Unofficial Transcripts may now be accepted as a provisional document in place of Official Transcripts for admission purposes only. Please refer to the current University Bulletin for additional information concerning transfer credit. T: (708) 366-2490 Here’s what you need to know to prepare. Upon receipt of official transcripts, the Office of the Registrar, in consultation with the appropriate academic department(s), will officially assess transfer credit after a transfer student has been formally admitted and has declared a major; only those hours that satisfy requirements will be applied to the degree and included in the student’s cumulative earned hours (grade points from transfer courses are not included in the Dominican grade point average). Do I need to turn in my high school transcripts? Once a student deposits, an Official Transcript must be submitted before classes begin. I certify that I have completed or will complete the ATI TEAS examination and sent the results to Dominica University. We offer two nursing programs for transfer applicants. We welcome students at all stages of their educational experience at Dominican

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