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moves to February 25, 2020. [ ] ALLISON SCHOOLCRAFT, For State Representative 132nd District Precinct Report unavailable, February 03, 2004 Summary Results 180,000 people registered to vote in Greene County. The current judicial performance review process in Missouri was adopted June 15, 2016, when the Supreme Court of Missouri issued an order revising Rule 10 which leaves judging the judges to the voters and fosters consistency in the process with the implementation of one, statewide review committee. Relevant information from a variety of sources is considered as part of the review process. June 08, 2004 Precinct Report, April 06, 2004 Summary Results Vote for 1 The Missouri Bar has been evaluating judges appointed under the Non-Partisan Court Plan and providing that information to voters since 1948. Alissia Canady 370,299 votes, 73.543-percent of total votes, Rich Finneran 271,436 votes, 55.405-percent of total votes July 10, 2018 Precinct Report, April 03, 2018 Summary Results to re-register to vote in their new county/state of residence. in April, August and November. April 05, 2011 Precinct Report, February 22, 2011 Summary Results [ ] SARA LAMPE, For Lieutenant Governor Vote for 1 April 02, 2019 Precinct Report, November 06, 2018 Summary Results April 05, 2016 Precinct Report, March 15, 2016 Summary Results Precinct Report unavailable, November 02, 2004 Summary Results There are more than 180,000 people registered to vote in Greene County. Competitive county-wide races of local interest (78 out of 79 precincts counted as of presstime): Mo. and is prosecutable by law. Macy Mitchell 2,699 votes, 42.821-percent of total vote April 03, 2018 Precinct Report, November 07, 2017 Summary Results Rusty MacLachlan 3,434 votes, 56.10-percent of total votes. [ ] JEROME HOWARD BAUER, For Lieutenant Governor [ ] WES ZONGKER, For Commissioner – District 2 August 4, 2020. [ ] ERIC SCHMITT, For U.S. Representative 7th District Billy Long 69,319 votes, 66.114-percent of total votes [ ] DANIEL ROMINE, For State Representative 135th District [ ] MIKE PARSON Any person who has a disability requiring a reasonable accommodation to participate in this meeting should. [ ] ERIC HARLEMAN before election day. [ ] CAMILLE LOMBARDI-OLIVE, For State Representative 130th District Vote for 1 Greene County Board of Elections oversees the elections process in Greene County. Vote for 1 The Judicial Performance Review Committee votes on whether they believe a judge substantially meets overall judicial performance standards. March 11, 2020. Vote for 1 Greene County Voting Options for 2020 In-Person Absentee Voting at 1126 North Boonville, 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday is happening now or vote in person on Election Day, Tues. Nov. 3, 2020, or use this link for more information about mail-in and absentee voting. Choose the first option for the last question on the registration, which is: I am using A tablet, Vote for 1 The state’s formal judicial performance review process was created in 2008 and revised in 2016 by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri. Early & Absentee Voting Notice – November 3, 2020. Vote for 1 [ ] JEREMY FRENCH, For Governor Missouri and Greene County Primary Election Results Select Different Election Date: Nov. 3, 2020 Aug. 4, 2020 March 10, 2020 April 2, 2019 Nov. 6, 2018 Aug. 7, 2018 August 03, 2010 Precinct Report, June 08, 2010 Summary Results August 07, 2012 Precinct Report, June 05, 2012 Summary Results [ ] ANTOIN JOHNSON Vote for 1 August 03, 2004 Precinct Report, June 08, 2004 Summary Results The Missouri Bar currently funds the evaluation process, which was created by a Supreme Court of Missouri rule in 2008. This is a compilation of the sample ballot for Greene County’s election on August 4th, 2020. […], Paid for by the Missouri Bar, Mischa Buford Epps, Executive Director PO Box 119 Jefferson City, MO 65102. August 06, 2019 Precinct Report, April 02, 2019 Summary Results April 06, 2010 Precinct Report, June 02, 2009 Summary Results Several locations are designated as permanent voter Vote for 1 February 04, 2003 Precinct Report, November 05, 2002 Summary Results [ ] BILL SLANTZ, For Secretary of State April 7, 2020 (Rescheduled to June 2, 2020, by Executive Order 20-03) General Municipal Election Day. Results Election Calendar County Clerk Election Government Greene County Missouri, MO mo green Learn more about how the committee is formed, what the committee’s duties are and how the judicial performance reviews are conducted. Candidates & Ballots issues for Greene County, Missouri. Precinct Report unavailable, February 05, 2002 Summary Results Any person who has a disability requiring a reasonable accommodation to participate in this meeting should. The public is welcome to attend. [ ] CECIL A. INCE, For Governor Vote for 1 The Missouri Bar currently funds the evaluation process, which was created by a Supreme Court of Missouri rule in 2008. The committee conducts its reviews based on whether a judge substantially overall meets judicial performance standards. [ ] ROBIN JOHN DANIEL VAN QUAETHEM, For Lieutenant Governor [ ] ALISSIA CANADY, For Secretary of State [ ] CURTIS D. TRENT, For State Representative 134th District [ ] STEVE CHENTNIK Mike Kehoe 355,419 votes, 58.992-percent of total votes February 22, 2011 Precinct Report, February 17, 2011 Summary Results County Commission, Constable, and School Board Districts. Vote for 1 [ ] BILL OWEN November 05, 2019 Precinct Report, August 06, 2019 Summary Results need Here is a guide to the Southwest Missouri ballot before Election Day in November. Please be advised that any time a voter moves from county to county or state to state, that voter will

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