how to interpret google analytics

After you log into the account, you’ll see the Google Analytics home page as shown below: As you can see in the above screenshot, you’ll see your website reports for 5 main categories: You can click on each of these categories, and the sub-categories inside, them to better know your website audience. Now, there are other methods to know how much traffic your website is getting in a day, but that is not a viable method. (H) Discover – Read up on Google Analytics and its suite of tools. Enter the URL and you are all set. Or, if you’re going to use as a source, always use, not Twitter or, as Google Analytics considers each of those new sources. How Tech Is Improving Teaching & Learning? Conversific help you optimize your traffic and conversion, gather better data and grow online sales . The AdSense view is for publishers who have Google AdSense set up on their website. Comparison shoppers, for instance, often will click an ad multiple times in the same browser session, which would be multiple clicks but only one visit. This distinguishes them as repeat traffic when they come back. A few important details and settings can improve your Google Analytics reporting. Session Duration—The average length of a session. It’s yet another benefit of using MonsterInsights. In this case, social is your medium; is your source; and buffer is your campaign name. If your traffic is down yet conversions are up year over year you have been successful. If you haven’t set goals yet in Google Analytics, then be sure to read our previous post on that to set it up. That is why, you should never ignore the power of Google Analytics. You’ll be able to see which traffic sources and social networks send the most users to your website who complete a goal. Healthy mix of new and returning users. Creating Goals in Google Analytics Step 6: Set Up the Specifics for Your Goal. With many companies focusing on blogging as a key component of their digital strategy it has become increasingly important to evaluate your blogs ROI. Did our strategy change? Join over 2 million website owners and start making data-driven decisions to grow your business. Bounce Rate—Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e., visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page). Ryan likes 90’s hip hop, heli-skiing, and spending time with his family. This is where you manage all of the settings for your website within Google Analytics. Sign in to Google Analytics. Make sure that your conversion points lead to thank you pages and those pages are tracked as goals in GA. You can add your goals by visiting Admin " Goals then selecting New Goal. Go to Insights » Reports to open the reports page in your dashboard. The best thing is, it lets you connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics in just a few clicks, without ever having to touch the tracking code. Here is where Conversific is invaluable because it provides insights to help you to improve what you offer and to whom through its reports and insights. Or, you might discover that, despite spending hours each week updating your Facebook page, it doesn’t send you much traffic at all. Then dive into GA and find out. The ‘All Traffic’ report will break down your visitors by referring site and for each site give you: Search Engines statistics reflect organic or pay-per-click traffic from all search engines. You can request feedback, or trigger surveys to help understand their actions but you need to generate effective persona’s and customer journey maps as well. Even if you are the sole and only owner of the business, you have to be logical if you really want to see success. How to Read Google Analytics Reports In Three Steps June 10, 2015 by Eric Squair Content Marketing. If the viewer exits the site from the page, its time on site for the user will be zero, since there is no subsequent time stamp. Learn how to dive deeper and interpret your GA data. Google Analytics Goals, as mentioned earlier, help you track the data related to a user completing a specific action on your website. Here’s what each metric means and what you can expect to get out of it: Users– This is the number of visitors who came to your site during the specified time period. If you are reading this article, then you have already started down the path of implementing Shopify Google Analytics. Running and making money using a website or managing a huge base of traffic is not something that everyone can accomplish. The problem with using GA is that it is a multipurpose tool that requires you, – the Shopify store owner to calibrate it correctly and interpret the data supplied by it. How To Interpret Google Analytics Reports. Are you aware of its full potential? Because you’ll have to edit your theme to insert the Google Analytics tracking code, you could easily break your theme and risk ruining your entire website. All you need to do is to install and activate MonsterInsights.

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