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Story: Just Like Josh Gibson Name _____ Put the correct word in each blank. She was a great baseball player and loved to watch. 0. A teacher could also potentially have students practice using context clues in this book-as there are several historical aspects not directly spelled-out in this book, but can be strongly inferred using close read strategies such as context clues and looking at the picture for guidance. This packet does that for you. The illustrations supported the storyline. (2007). She tells the readers that her grandmother would watch the boys play and only when they were practicing would the team allow her to practice with them she would hit the ball far and powerful. • Spelling Word Cards All of the centers/ printables review the standards for the week. by taff2nd. Played 234 times. ��ࡱ� > �� ? TM ® & © 2020 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. Question of t, In this set you will receive a zipped file containing the following: These are great to use as connected practice, small group, or even intervention! Grandma's papa came to the hospital with a Louisville slugger upon the arrival of the baby. Grammar: Using Capital Letters, This printable activity sheet packet will give you a reading skill/comprehension activity to go along with the story Just Like Josh Gibson for every day of the week! Selection Words I love how even though she was excluded for being a girl, she kept hope alive and kept having fun doing what she did best, playing baseball as good as or better than any boy. One day a player got hurt and the team needed someone to fill in so they. Explain how specific aspects of a text’s illustrations contribute to what is conveyed by the words in a story (e.g., create mood, emphasize aspects of a character or setting… • Comprehension Skill & Strategy Until Josh Gibson came into the picture. _____ washed the dishes for you, Mom. 3. In the best scene, Peck (A Christmas Memory ) uses streaky pastels to portray the girl at bat in a pale pink dress and hair bows, smartly contrasting her determined expression with the rigidity of 1950s gender roles. Just Like Josh Gibson Second Grade Reading Unit 6 – Story 1 Vocabulary Words field cheers threw sailed plate bases soar forties Louisville slugger field A piece of land used for some special purpose. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Determine to hit and play just like Josh Gibson the young girl spends endless hours with her ball and bat. I chose this story for my girl empowerment text set because it shows how the grandmother overcame the stereotypes and showed off her skills. I really liked the illustrations that went along with this book. cheers Calls out or yells loudly to show that you like something. Word Sort- Students will review the weekly phonics skill by sorting the word cards into the correct group and completing the recording sheet. “Author at Work” Assignment: First, watch the PowerPoint above to review vocabulary from our story, Just Like Josh Gibson by Angela Johnson.Then, download and print the dominoes (Set 1 and Set 2) to play with a reading partner in class, and review the vocabulary from the story. *Spin, Read, and Write Vocabulary Words This is a great book about a little girl growing up in the 1940's who just wants to play baseball, like her idol, Josh Gibson. *BUMP game Just like josh gibson. She tells about how she wanted to be just like Josh Gibson a skilled player in the black league at the time since he was not allowed to play in the MLB. 1 Vocabulary Four Square Activity Sheet This quiz is incomplete! Also included are the same questions with. This is about a young girl who faced many challenges in this society to being a baseball player. is designed as a supplemental resource for the 2011 and 2013 edition of Reading Street, Grade 2. A 30 question selection test with comprehension questions, word work, vocabulary and gramma, Supplemental resources for 2nd grade Reading Street (2013) Unit 6 Week 1 story “Just Like Josh Gibson”. I did like that the words that were being read were higlighted in red. It can be use to teach young girls that with determination, hard work and discipline everyone can make their dreams a reality. REVISED Feb. 2015 This 174 page unit is filled with posters, worksheets, games, center ideas, spelling lists and more. *spelling words No matter how hard they could try girls just couldn’t play baseball. Picture book about an African-American girl in the 1940s who wants to play baseball just like Josh Gibson, who was called the "Babe Ruth of the Negro Leagues". This book can be thought provoking and has a great message . However, I just found the book boring. Play. ➢ Spelling Word Cards Students consider the setting, characters, beginning, middle, end, problem, and solution of the story.

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