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For 9 hours, half of all long-distance calls attempted on the AT&T network—which carried over 70 percent of long-distance traffic at the time—failed. Mark Tabas) who were clearly interested in for-profit computer crime, with no goal except personal gain. Im Sommer 1984 gründete sich die Gruppe um einen Hacker mit dem Pseudonym „Lex Luthor“. website = The Legion of Doom (LOD) was an extremely influential hacker group that was active from the 1980s to the late 1990s and early 2000. I agree to pay fees in their entirety. For the Senegalese village, see Abéné. Born 1972 (age 38–39) New York City, US Other names Phiber Optik …   Wikipedia, Bruce Fancher — (also known as Timberwolf) (b. April 13, 1971) is a computer hacker, a former member of the legendary Legion of Doom hacker group. On a conference call set up by LOD on a hacked phone company line, a MOD member nicknamed Corrupt suddenly joined in. Note: This is a non-emergency email address. Kroupa was a member of the legendary Legion of Doom hacker group and co founded MindVox in 1991, with …   Wikipedia, Timeline of computer security hacker history — This is a timeline of computer security hacker history. Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records: Files mentioning the Legion of Doom, a hacker group active from the 1980s to the late 1990s and early 2000. “Please try later.”. Their exploits had the air of exploration and learning. If anything, the LOD/MOD conflict taught hacker groups to stay more under the radar and stay out of the sights of law enforcement. But the two groups were doing battle online through civilian computer systems that they had hacked and taken control of. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Their name appears to be a reference to the antagonists of Challenge of the Super Friends. LOD declared victory, but in truth didn’t fare much better. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not. In the historic record, compared to today’s conflicts between nation-states and shadowy criminal groups that take in millions of dollars in stolen information, the LOD/MOD war seems quaint even at its most bloodthirsty. He went on to form his own computer security firm and remains in the industry today.
Bloodaxe, in return, started slurring the MOD crew on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) and in other conference bridges. On the other hand, many LOD members were raided, charged and in some cases successfully prosecuted for causing damage to systems and reprogramming phone company computers (Grant, Darden and Riggs, etc). Thank you so much! * LOD Technical Manuals and souce notices* [http://www.textfiles.com/magazines/LOD/ Electronic Magazines: The Legion of Doom/Hackers Technical Journal] (Note: Although the text files appear to support and condone illegal activity, all of the techniques and technolgies are dated enough to be rendered useless), * Dave Buchwald (Bill from RNOC)* Chris Goggans (Erik Bloodaxe)* Patrick Kroupa (Lord Digital)* Loyd Blankenship (The Mentor)* Bruce Fancher (Dead Lord)* Mark Abene (Phiber Optik), Legion of Doom — fut un groupe de hackers actif des années 1980 au début des années 2000. The Legion of Doom (LOD) was a hacker group active from the 1980s to the late 1990s and early 2000. Many members had been picked off by Federal authorities within the same timespan, caught up in the general sweep of illegal hacking activity. Infobox computer underground group_name = Legion of Doom caption = other_names = LODLOD/H origin = country = United States status = inactive years_active = 1980–2000 2008–Present category = Hacking founders = Lex Luthor products = LOD Technical Journals affiliates = Masters of DeceptionMindVoxCult of the Dead Cow website = The Legion of Doom (LOD) was an extremely influential hacker group that was active from the 1980s to the late 1990s and early 2000. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. Whether it was a case of throwing in the towel or feeling legitimately aggrieved, Bloodaxe finally called the FBI on his rivals. During its heyday from around 1984-1991 Legion of Doom was widely considered to be the most capable hacking group in the world. To this day, LOD ranks as one of the most influential hacking groups in the history of technology. Unlike Masters of Deception there were different opinions regarding what the Legion of Doom was. The group all but ceased to exist, enjoying a Pyrrhic victory over MOD at best. Thank you for contacting foipaquestions@fbi.gov. The Texas-centric group was in the midst of an online feud with a New York-based rival, the Masters of Deception. LOD was founded by the hacker Lex Luthor, after a rift with his previous group the Knights of Shadow (much as the Masters of Deception would later be founded after Phiber Optik had a rift with Chris Goggans and LOD, eventually leading to the Great Hacker War and disbanding of both groups). Could you please let us know when it would be appropriate to send a check to cover the fees associated with this request? MuckRock users can file, duplicate, track, and share public records requests like this one. During its heyday from around 1984-1991 Legion of Doom was widely considered to be the most capable hacking group in the world. Refresh the page to try again.

The FBI has received your additional correspondence regarding your Freedom of Information/Privacy Act (FOIPA) request and it has been forwarded to the assigned analyst for review. Hackers around the fringes, like Fry Guy, had fewer ethical constraints and used their technical skills to line their own pockets or damage systems. But it’s also easy to see it as a precursor to today’s conflicts. Public Information OfficerRecord/Information Dissemination Section (RIDS) FBI-Information Management Division170 Marcel Drive, Winchester, VA 22602-4843Direct: (540) 868-4593Fax: (540) 868-4391Questions E-mail: foipaquestions@fbi.gov, Do you have further questions about the FOI/PA process? FBI20fee20category20and20search20parameters.pdf. Want the latest investigative and FOIA news? It was a frightening outage that rang alarm bells in more places than just AT&T headquarters. In many cases there seems to be cross-over between the two groups or collaboration between LOD and MOD members, even in the midst of The Great Hacker War. To this day, LOD ranks as one of the most influential hacking groups in the history of technology. A small handful of the higher-profile LOD members who are accounted for includes: Chris Goggans "Erik Bloodaxe", Dave Buchwald "Bill From RNOC", Patrick K. Kroupa "Lord Digital", Loyd Blankenship "The Mentor", Bruce Fancher "Dead Lord" and Mark Abene "Phiber Optik", who was a member of both LOD and Masters of Deception (MOD). With participants with monickers like Phiber Optik, Acid Phreak, and Erik Bloodaxe, it sounds more like the plot from a comic book. If you need to report a tip for immediate action, please contact FBI Tips at http://tips.fbi.gov/ or reach out to your local field office. There are eFOIA files available for you to download. During its heyday from around 1984-1991 Legion of Doom was widely considered to be the most capable hacking group in the world. Leur nom proviendrait de celui de l équipe des méchants dans le dessin animé Challenge of the Super Friends. The MLK Day outage was later traced back to bad code written by AT&T’s own engineers, a vulnerability that allowed the hackers to run rampant and unchecked through their systems. https://vault.fbi.gov/fdps-1/@@search-fdps. Erik’s home phone would ring at all hours; his service would be switched randomly; MOD hackers would listen in on his calls. Filmmaker Dave Buchwald, once known as Bill From RNOC (pronounced /ˈɑrnɒk/; born September 4, 1970) was a phone phreak, hacker, and leader of the Legion of Doom in the mid 1980s …   Wikipedia, Festering Hate — [WOP] 666 FESTERING HATE 666 [FOG] ====================================== W| The Good News: You now have a copy |F o| of one of the greatest programs |r r| that has ever been created! [ [http://www.wweek.com/html/crime011200.html Crime and Justice, Sneakin' Around] Crime & Justice, Willamette Week, January 12, 1999.]. Public access legal records and transcripts, * US Government's Sentencing Memorandum, US v. Grant, Darden and Riggs, Criminal Action Number 1:90-CR-31, December, 1990. In 2001, he went into business with several former LOD members, building new bridges with former rivals. At different points in the group's history, LOD was split into LOD and LOD/LOH (Legion of Doom/Legion of Hackers) for the members that were more skilled at hacking than pure phone phreaking. As of 2006 what has happened to each individual member of the Legion of Doom is unknown. Former LOD people whose legal names are unknown include: Agrajag The Prolonged, King Blotto, Blue Archer, Unknown Soldier, Sharp Razor, Doctor Who, Paul Muad'Dib, Phucked Agent 04, X-man, Randy Smith, Steve Dahl, The Warlock, Terminal Man, Silver Spy, The Videosmith, Kerrang Khan, Gary Seven, Carrier Culprit, Master of Impact, Phantom Phreaker, Doom Prophet, Prime Suspect, The m0nit0r, Skinny Puppy, Professor Falken, Solomon Grundy (which was later shortened to "Sundry"), Compu-Phreak and LoD founder Lex Luthor. Help cover the request fees needed to free these docs! Yet hubris and greed came as the group grew larger. The brash nature of the New Yorkers had always rubbed the more Southern LOD the wrong way, but it was some of that good ol’ boy language that really set the conflict off. |i s| The Bad News: It s quite likely |e h| that it s the only …   Wikipedia, Patrick K. Kroupa — Patrick Karel Kroupa (also known as Lord Digital, born January 20, 1969, in Los Angeles, California) is an American writer, hacker and activist. Please check the status of your request online at https://vault.fbi.gov/fdps-1/@@search-fdps Status updates are performed on a weekly basis. The Legion of Doom (LOD) was a hacker group active from the 1980s to the late 1990s and early 2000.
If this is an emergency, please call 911 directly. Although the overall expressed beliefs and behavior of LOD and MOD were different, it can be difficult to untangle the individual actions of any given member. Erik Bloodaxe, whose real name was Chris Goggans, was raided by the Secret Service in March 1990 but was never charged. Other members included: Steven Nygard "The Dragyn", Steven G. Steinberg "Frank Drake", Jason Chon "Riot", Corey A. Lindsly "Mark Tabas", Peter Jay Salzman "Thomas Covenant", Adam Grant "The Urvile", Frank Darden "The Leftist", Robert Riggs "The Prophet", Kenton Clark "Monster X", Todd Lawrence "The Marauder", Scott Chasin "Doc Holiday", Dan Karkonski "Control C"/"Phase Jitter", and Jake Kenyon Shulman "Malefactor". That gang, the Legion of Doom, was suddenly on the law enforcement radar screen in a big way. Nine days after the AT&T outage, the FBI and Secret Service served warrants on several MOD members, including Corrupt and Phiber Optik. In December, shortly after Bloodaxe’s call, they were arrested and charged with computer tampering and trespass, to which all plead guilty. Vorbild für die …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Mark Abene — Abene redirects here. While the "Bellsouth" case could be construed as exploration of the phone system, with claims that no real damage was done, there are other former LOD members such as Corey A. Lindsly (a.k.a. LOD was the older group, a collective of sorts formed in 1984 that originally incorporated many of the ethos of the original hackers of the 1970s. But they were still busy later. LOD published the Legion of Doom Technical Journals and regularly contributed to the overall pool of hacking knowledge and information, while causing no direct harm to the phone systems and computer networks they took over. Corrupt, whose real name was John Lee, stayed away from technology after he was released from prison. Learn more. Their name appears to be a reference to the main antagonists of Challenge of the Superfriends.

Months earlier, the Secret Service had arrested a 16-year-old hacker nicknamed Fry Guy who had told them, under interrogation, that a hacker gang he was associated with had been planning to crash the system on a national holiday.

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