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Before the Kray twins came on the scene, Spot Comer was the man at the centre of gangland London between the 30s and 50s, styling himself as the "King of Aldgate". One such group was The Cornermen, whose members would supposedly wait on a street corner for a victim to pass by before they pounced. The road is also in the catchment area of five other criminal gangs, and one local told us: "As a family we now want to make sure we’re home with the door locked for 7pm.". But this approach contains echoes of an “alien conspiracy”, which blames migrants for threats to national security. The Kensington property - at Manson Place near South Kensington Tube station - was also used as a crack cocaine factory. A hundred years ago this would have been unthinkable, as most drugs weren’t illegal and were readily available, but a series of laws have pushed the supply of recreational drugs off the counter and into the hands of racketeers. They are said to be the “most business-driven, violent and ruthless” type of gang, shunning social media in favour of keeping their activities a secret and remaining anonymous to police. In 1566, the Earl of Bothwell – the future husband of Mary, Queen of Scots – mounted a major sweep against local reivers from his base, the grim border castle of Hermitage. Their brazenness is shocking - yet it's only the latest in a string of horrific crimes, including assassinations and stabbings, linked to foreign gangsters who have infiltrated the UK capital. In 2001 Brindle was shot twice by former IRA hitman Michael Boyle. A court heard they'd flown in from South America just days earlier, and that three orange dots were sprayed on the back fence to tell the burglars it was a high-value property.,, “The brain can be a dangerous thing. Bothwell’s men took their bleeding leader back to Hermitage, only to find that the reivers they had already rounded up had taken over the place. They are reported to have swiped jewellery, watches and designer clothes in a series of multi-million-pound raids in London and elsewhere in England and Wales. Starting off with one strip club in Bower Street, by the late 60s they controlled 19 of the 24 strip clubs in Soho. London has long been seen as the “laundry of choice” for both local and foreign crime syndicates. London is a playground for smash-and-grab robbers, petty thieves and gangsters seeking to expand their territory – and their yields – throughout the city, often at a terrible human cost. Yet they are considered by the NCA to be more violent, and more closely connected to the international cocaine trade than British criminals. The drug was cocaine, and the law restricted its sale and possession to “authorised persons”. ', "Being the most violent makes you the most safe. Thanks to the BBC series, Birmingham’s Peaky Blinders are now a household name but while the TV series is set in the years after the First World War, by that time the Peaky Blinders had been supplanted by another Birmingham gang. Scotland Yard had been on the trail of the twins for years and now they struck. They used a scrap metal business and fruit machine company as fronts for a criminal empire. He was jailed for 11 years six months for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Other foreign gangs who have been linked to London include Nigerian mobile cons, Jamaican Yardies and the 'under-the-radar' Italian Mafia, to name a few. He was found to have more than £50,000 worth of diamonds on him. The gang grew into a small army, and is remembered in We are the Billy Boys, the controversial song sung by some Glasgow Rangers fans before matches until it was banned in 2011. Undeterred, 80 of his supporters broke into the castle at night and brought their leader safely back to Scotland. Courtney is now an author, having had six books published: Stop The Ride I Want to Get Off, Raving Lunacy, Dodgy Dave’s Little Black Book, The Ride’s Back On, F**k the Ride, and Heroes & Villains. Evidence suggests that by the second half of the 13th century Robin Hood (or variants of that name) was being used as a nickname, applied to other criminals, and the man of the legend was actually based on a number of people, all merged together under a single name.

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