lygodium japonicum

L. japonicum is a high-climbing vine that has become established outside of its native range of Asia. USA: Florida Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida. Barcelona JF; Dolotina NE; Madroñero GS; Granert WG; Sopot DD, 2006.

Missouri Botanical Garden, 2015. Georgia, USA. Master of Science Thesis. Japanese climbing fern (Lygodium japonicum) management in Florida's Apalachicola bottomland hardwood forests. L. japonicum is a tetraploid, with a chromosome number of 2n = 58 (Manton and Sledge, 1954; Roy and Holttum, 1965; Madeira et al., 2008). N. Carolina Press. In the 1900s it became established in the south east USA and has since spread to at least nine states. There is a 1941 specimen, but it may have been from a cultivated plant (L. Henderson, SRC-Plant Protection Research Institute, South Africa, personal communication, 2014).

Fosberg (1943) reported L. japonicum as establishing in Hawaii in 1936 where it was collected at Hilo, around a garden. Onychium (total : 1) Biological Control, 45(3):308-318.

web interface by Diversity of wetland plants used traditionally in China: a literature review. Florida, USA: Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council, 59 pp. Gainesville, Florida, USA: University of Florida, 210 pp. June, 2010. Flora of China Editorial Committee, 2014. Henderson L, 2007. The Virtual Herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden, USA. Cunninghamia: A Journal of Plant Ecology for Eastern Australia, 12(1):85-114. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. Castanea, 51(3):211-215. In Nepal a paste is used to treat scabies, the juice is used to treat herpes and wounds (Manandhar, 1995) and its juice is applied for boils, wounds, whitlow and scabies (Mall et al., 2015). Continued Pteridophyte invasion of Hawaii. Lygodium japonicum (Japanese climbing fern); prescribed fire as a control measure. Wilson KA, 2003.

Woodsia (total : 2) Control of non-native plants in natural areas of Florida. Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, 14(3):286-292. Bennett CA; Pemberton RW, 2008. Minogue et al. ©Chuck Bargeron/University of Georgia/ - CC BY 3.0 US. All found the species to be a high risk. History of Arkansas pteridophyte studies with a new annotated checklist and floristic analysis. List of Flora of Cat Tien National Park., In Florida it is currently found in the north and western areas of the state, but is quickly spreading and has been found as far south as Broward and Collier counties. According to Mueller (1983) this provides an advantage in shaded conditions, allowing the plant to grow from sunnier positions in canopies, instead of having to regrow from the ground under existing vegetation. 4 0 obj Mall B; Gauchan DP; Chhetri RB, 2015. L. japonicum occupies most of the southeastern coastal plain and parts of the Piedmont. Chemical control of L. japonicum has been studied in a number of ecosystems in the southeastern USA. [ed. Ohwi J, 1965. May, 2004. L. japonicum has also been reported from Palau by Costion (2009) based on a specimen collected on Malakal Island in 1996. Diamond Jr AR; Woods M, 2007. The morphology and anatomy of Lygodium japonicum. Indeterminate growth and ramification of the climbing leaves of Lygodium japonicum (Schizaeaceae). /Contents 4 0 R>> Contribution to the pteridophytic flora of India: Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Meghalaya. Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation. Hauteur : 1m à 1m50 (jusqu’à 6m dans la nature) The first record is believed to be from a collection made by George Proctor in 1985 in San Juan on the grounds of the Estacion Experimental Agricola. A molecular phylogeny of the genus Lygodium (Schizaeaceae) with special reference to the biological control and host range testing of Lygodium microphyllum. Dryopteris (total : 30) Species added to the glora of the United States from 1900 to 1905. The ferns of Kashmir. C.Chr & Tardieu, Lygodium microstachyum var. Some Lygodium species are now considered very problematic invasive weeds in the southeastern United States. Queensland Government, 2015. Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra, Australia. Reports of new records in additional states came quickly. The thrip insect Octothrips lygodii [Octothrips bhattii] was discovered on L. japonicum in China (Mound, 2002) and Ferriter (2001) reports a flea beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on L. japonicum in Thailand., Applegate R, 2015. American Fern Journal, 88(4):165-175. Florida Entomologist, 91(1):26-29. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 382 pp.

For example, Leichty et al. 64 pp. In: American Fern Journal, 11 90-91. New fronds arise from subterranean rhizomes from March through to May and continue to grow until frost causes front dieback (van Loan, 2006a). Wilson KA, 2003. Flora of Florida.

(2001). January. In Bali, Indonesia L. japonicum was seen to occupy barren soil after a volcanic eruption (Dilmy, 1965). Rachis grooved, pubescent to glabrous, 3-30 m. Pinnae with short stalks, 3-5 cm. Peck JH, 2011. In: American Fern Journal, 92 (2) 179-183. Lygodium japonicum (Japanese climbing fern); foliage. Gainesville, Florida, USA: University of Florida. Flora of Australia. It can grow to 90 feet covering shrubs and trees. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. American Fern Journal. Zone de culture : Zones 7 à 10

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