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They are available before, during and after the meeting. Right-button click and you will be able to shedule a meeting: Join a meeting in Teams If you use a mobile device, both before and during the meeting, you’ll see the meeting notice in your chat list or a channel conversation.

Note: If you have a different browser tab opened in the browser, then switch to the correct tab in the browser and re-open the share menu to refresh Window options.

The same goes for active Windows as well. On top of that, when using third party screenshot apps, you need to move your mouse back onto the window of choice before clicking to capture the screenshot.

If you only have one time, it’ll select automatically when you open the ‘Teams’ menu. Then restart Teams for the new settings to take effect.

I can easily access the main Teams window and do something else while my meeting is underway. Setting up a meeting and sharing screen in Microsoft Teams isn’t as intuitive as it’s on Zoom Meetings. Just click on the Calendar on the right of Microsoft Teams menu and select time of meeting. Sharing screen in a Microsoft Teams Meeting, How to Share Screen in a Microsoft Teams Meeting, Microsoft Teams Meeting How To: Join, Create, Schedule, Change Background, Share Screen, and More Tips, How to Share Screen in a Chat on Microsoft Teams, How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams, How to Change Your Background on Microsoft Teams. Before we begin, you need to check if you have these features and you can enable them.

On your meeting toolbar, click more actions (the three dots ... ) and choose 'Focus': Focus will hide everyone's camera stream and everyone will concentrate on what's being shared in the meeting. His office is in midtown, Atlanta.

A sharing menu will open right below the toolbar.

your side to see if this works for you?

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Now, I think, in trying to keep up with Zoom, you're going to be able to have 49 people in a meeting (on a 7x7 grid). If you opened a window after opening the ‘Share’ menu in Teams meeting, then you’d have to close and re-open the Share menu to refresh opened Windows on your system.

You’ll see ‘Desktop’, ‘Windows’, ‘Powerpoint’, ‘Whiteboard’, and a few other options in the sharing menu. When Microsoft Teams started, during a meeting you could have a 2x2 grid with your participants, so you could see four people, including yourself. There could be a number of reasons you may want to share your computer screen with your team in a meeting.

Microsoft is also bringing 'Together Mode', where it looks like everyone's actually together in the meeting, next to each other, sharing a virtual background. When doing this, the task bar reappears. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. The tool bar only appears when you are using the Microsoft Teams app on your computer. If you’re using Teams from a web browser, you won’t see it. We’ll share the screen so you can collaborate or run a training session with your team. Great! Thankfully, if you use Microsoft Teams to set up online meetings, then sharing your screen with everyone in the meeting is a single click process. But if you want participants to focus on the presentation, you now have 'Focus'. Finally, when you’re done and wish to stop sharing screen, then return to the Teams Meeting window and click on the ‘Stop Sharing’ icon on the tool bar. This really helps because before, when you were in a meeting, you couldn't really do a whole lot of other stuff. There’s a catch though: the second you move the mouse, the task bar reappears.

Add subject for the meeting and hit the ‘Meet now’ button to initiate a create a meeting room. Watch these new updates in action in my video below, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get more updates, training tutorials and teaching on Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Excel, Word, etc.. Chris is a Microsoft Office Master.

Click ‘Teams’ on the navigation panel on the left.

On the Meeting screen, click the ‘Share’ button on the toolbar. Anyone know if there's a way to hide the default Teams meeting control task bar at the bottom of the screen so I can take screenshots of what is being shared/displayed on the without that in the way? The meeting toolbar is also no longer floating, it is neatly placed on the top-right corner, and has a few more options: Focus mode while sharing or presenting When you are sharing your screen or presenting a PowerPoint during your meeting, before this update, everyone's video is … Hope above information helps. If you only wish to share the screen of a certain program window or a browser tab, then the options under ‘Window’ section is where you should be looking. Finally, Auto-hide doesn’t work adequately on multiple occasions.

For more info, check out Share sound from your computer in a Teams meeting … In April 2020, they bumped that up to 9 people (so a 3x3 grid). Users move their mouse down to the video feed or even completely o… Click the More Actions ••• button again and select Stop

Selecting a window will immediately open it, and it’ll be highlighted with a thick red border so you know it’s being shared.

new thread in our forum. All logos are trademarks of their respective owners. Invite people you wish to add to the meeting from the panel on the right of the screen.

There are several improvements this month and I'll present them all to you below. Could you please test this on The following two updates have not rolled out yet, but they are coming in August.

I can put this on a different monitor, side by side or even minimize it: The meeting toolbar is also no longer floating, it is neatly placed on the top-right corner, and has a few more options: When you are sharing your screen or presenting a PowerPoint during your meeting, before this update, everyone's video is showing at the bottom of the window. Based on your description, you want to hiding the Teams control task bar (like below picture). To get started, open the Microsoft Teams app on your computer, or launch in a web browser and sign with your account. You can select which Desktop screen you want to share. Finally, when you’re done and wish to stop sharing screen, then return to the Teams Meeting window and click on the ‘Stop Sharing’ icon on the tool bar. Also, your shared screen will appear in your video feed instead of your computer’s camera feed to the other members in the meeting. It could be for product demonstrations, training, collaboration, engagement, and many other productive purposes. The contents of this website are © Chris Menard.

Please feel free to share the result with us or let me know if you need further suggestions, I'll happy to continue to help you. Also, Teams isn't a "Category" option when I'm posting this.

How satisfied are you with this response? Moved from Unknown/other  / Windows 10  / Unknown/other.

Now start a meeting with the selected team by clicking ‘Meet now’ button at the bottom of the screen on the right pane.

They call this 'Large Gallery Mode'.

To share sound, select Share content in your meeting controls and then Include computer sound (it's the switch on the top left of your sharing options). Before, meeting notes were shown on the task pane on the right of the window, during a meeting. Might want to update that since Teams has been released.

toolbar and select Show Meeting Notes.

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