microsoft teams video conference best practices

Easy accessibility can be great for communication, but also opens up risks for business. But it can also promote your work to a larger audience and build your client base, leading to better business outcomes. Daily “standups,” or frequent, small-team meetings designed to be quick (even these can benefit from face-to-face communication), Regularly scheduled staff meetings in which you can treat a video conference like your team’s conference room, Connecting with clients and sharing data, progress or ideas, All-hands or internal townhall meetings where important or sensitive information is being shared, Virtual events of all kinds, including sales and marketing events open to the public, Keynote speakers at a conference or company event, for either an internal or external audience, Virtual town halls that could be a forum for dialogue among employees or the general public, Seamlessly integrating and connecting a variety of devices and conference rooms, Sharing data, dashboards and visual aids during a meeting, even with people using different kinds of devices and software, Breaking down communication silos and improving relationships with clients, Making sure all the technology works before the meeting starts, from the Internet connection to microphones, Setting an agenda to keep the meeting driven and focused, Actively engaging team members one at a time to avoid crosstalk or dead space, Using visual aids, screen sharing and other collaborative tools to help increase engagement. To upload a custom background simply click Add new, as shown below, and select a photo from your computer to upload. Once the meeting has ended or you select Stop recording, your video will be stored in Microsoft Stream cloud storage and will remain there forever or until the owner deletes it. Video conferencing is the ability to connect a live video feed and sound in real-time between at least two people. Although businesses are expecting to reopen and return to normal in the coming months, remote work will become the “new normal” for some; 40% of employees are likely to work outside the office at least some of the time post-pandemic. Features are also coming that will enable you to utilize custom backgrounds. home workers should exhibit a professional appearance, Remote workers who cannot participate can review the conference at their convenience, All participants can go back to the meeting to revisit key points and review comments, Conference content can be provided to additional parties or teams if necessary, Home WiFi networks should be protected by using, Keep application and OS software updated to ensure any security patching is applied, Change router passwords from manufacturer defaults to secure passwords that are secure from cyber thieves who may be listening in on wireless networks, Computers or mobile devices should incorporate antivirus and malware detection to avoid compromising communications or presentation content. 11 best practices for Microsoft Teams video meetings Here’s what to do before, during and after leading a video call in Microsoft Teams to ensure a … Still, in extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters or pandemics, many thousands of workers can instantly be displaced from normal office settings, coworkers, and managers. When appearing on a video conference, home workers should exhibit a professional appearance – you never know who may be watching. Learn the system well, so producers don’t have to solve problems during the live event. Encourage everyone in your Teams meeting to turn on their video. Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with your other Office 365 programs and can help your team to be more collaborative. Most importantly, practice. There are a couple of options available for logging in. Our industry experts will align you with the optimal equipment to streamline your business processes. Below, is also some guidance regarding best practices under the “Actions you can take” section that will help maximize the benefits of Microsoft 365. Don't ignore audio—it’s the most important part of a great event. In the event of any catastrophic event, or if a producer makes some kind of mistake, you can easily create a new broadcast event and just update your custom URL to point to it. Not only will this knowledge help your team in internal stand-up meetings, but these tips can also be very beneficial while hosting external meetings with prospects or customers! Run several events as rehearsals, watch the attendee experience live and on demand. Equipment – audio In the meeting options, you can control who is allowed to present and show their screen, whether anyone should be placed into the lobby before entering the meeting, and whether your participants should be alerted when someone joins the meeting. Turn on background blur to keep the focus on you instead of what’s behind you. That way, if there’s a network outage in the room, you don’t lose control of the meeting. Online video conferencing is a solution that most companies use for virtual meetings. You can easily record the meeting for them to catch up on the details. All Rights Reserved. Feeling isolated can harbor lost productivity. When you don’t have to share something from your screen with the group and will simply be talking, it’s best to turn off screen-sharing. Utilize front lighting, not backlighting, as this can make it difficult to see your face and expressions. For example, you can use them to connect a prosumer camera with better optics and zoom capabilities and an HDMI output as a Teams meeting camera. Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. Upcoming Webinar – Is Now the Time to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud? Regardless of whether you plan to return to business as usual or do plan to adapt and lead a more remote workforce, you will likely want a solution to keep your team connected. A growing number of organizations are implementing Microsoft Teams to improve group communications and collaboration. Plan for your event group communication—real-time communications are critical for live events. Nemertes Clients, please log in for full access to all research content. Teams has a cool, built-in feature to either blur or replace backgrounds. © 2020 Nemertes Research. Share a slide with a nice intro, indicating that the event will begin soon. Here are 8 tips to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams meeting. Allow Advanced Imaging Solutions to bring your business to the next level. During a call in Microsoft Teams, you’ll want to know your controls so that … We also invite you to become a client. To continue reading this article register now. Some of the best online video conferencing solutions also have built-in tools such as notetaking, chat, scheduling and screen sharing —features that can make workflows more integrated and efficient. 1. When meeting with your remote work team or coworkers, provide a plan before the video conference. This is handy for all your employees as they work from home. As in $0. One of the great features within Microsoft Teams is Meetings or Video Conferencing. Remote workers who are unacclimated to this new way of working can have a feeling of being out of touch with the team and managers. This forethought also allows for preparation and valuable feedback. They’ll feel like they didn’t miss a beat. Microsoft provides effective video communications technology through the Microsoft Teams application. Research shows that seeing your colleagues face-to-face, even virtually, creates a sense of connectedness and therefore builds trust. Microsoft 365 Team. In a 2017 global survey of thousands of workers, 92 percent of respondents said that video conferencing means better teamwork and better relationships. Some people don’t handle microphones well under pressure, so wearable microphones can be helpful for inexperienced presenters. Always have more than one person in the event group. How do meeting attendees join a Teams Meeting? Studies show that working offsite can increase productivity and reduce attrition. Have a good microphone for presenters. As Microsoft customers shift from Skype for Business to Teams, they must implement a strategy that supports integrating existing and planned video endpoints into their Teams implementations. Trying one or all of these models can help boost company morale and improve teamwork. This helps them to see you and your facial expressions more clearly. Best practices for video conferencing include: The Microsoft 365 team is focused on sharing resources to help you start, run, and grow your business. Nearly three-quarters of executives say their network of workers and suppliers is global, according to Forbes Insight research. That’s in part because, research shows, the vast majority of communication is based on nonverbal cues. You should contact your own tax or financial professional to discuss your situation. It’s a great way to showcase the work you do or attract people to your company through an exciting talk or panel. No matter what you choose, be sure the background selected is appropriate for the audience.

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