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As for The Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppets from Space, Sony actually owns the rights to them because Sony helped co-produce them. 30 mins. 'Jeopardy' Stunner Leaves Alex Trebek and Fans Speechless: "The Stage Looks Very Lonely". What do you think is the best Muppet movie available on Disney+? This site includes affiliate links. You can sign up to Disney Plus for £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year. What’s on Disney Plus ( is a unofficial fan site and is not endorsed, moderated, owned by or affiliated with Disney in any capacity. It’s absolutely fun for kids to enjoy. HBO Max’s Sesame Workshop content will include: There’s also the matter of Fraggle Rock. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. The Muppets come to good old Blighty for a London-set heist spoof in this second feature film, the only Muppet movie directed by creator Jim Henson. The “Muppets Tonight” reboot, which ran a single season from 1997 to 1998, swapped the theater for a television studio, where the Muppets frantically threw together a variety show while letting the audience in on all the drama happening in the control booth. Whether or not it will be available on HBO Max, or if The Jim Henson Company will (or is even able to) shop it to another service remains unknown. The characters that you think of when you think of the Muppets (Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie, Lew Zealand), are the ones that are owned by Disney and they’re the ones that will be on Disney+. Maybe that’s because they were sold to Disney 15 years ago, before social media and Disney’s total pop culture domination. Top 10 Muppets Movies & Series on Disney+. The show, produced and presumably still owned by The Jim Henson Company, originally aired on HBO from 1983 to 1987. Required fields are marked *. And would you like to see some others added? Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. I'm not sure about the others. Bob Iger seemed more interested in expanding the brands he purchased as CEO and the Muppets were purchased by his predecessor. Are 'Below Deck Med's Alex Radcliffe and Bugsy Drake Dating? 1,629, This story has been shared 1,622 times. The most versatile segment is the one that, fittingly, slots the neatest into the YouTube genre from whence it came: cooking demos. Also missing are three TV series: the original ’70s Muppet Show, the original ’80s Muppet Babies, and the 1996 series Muppets Tonight. Not all of them are on Disney+, but I took the time to rank my Top 10 Muppet movies and series currently on Disney+. Finally addressing Gonzo’s lack of an animal counterpart, aliens appear to contact him through his breakfast cereal – leading to an adventure involving secret government agencies, Muppet kidnappings and Gonzo’s long lost family. The acquisition consisted of most of the Muppets film and television library, as well as the Bear in the Big Blue House television series.Exceptions included the Sesame Street characters, which were previously sold to Sesame Workshop; the Fraggle Rock characters, which were retained by Henson; and the distribution rights to four films: The Muppets Take Manhattan, Muppets from … They’re don’t stop there, however – the felt friends are continuing to break new boundaries, with Muppets Now on Disney Plus set to be the gang’s first foray into unscripted comedy. And every streaming service, especially new ones like Apple TV+ and HBO Max, loves touting their Muppet content (even if you can’t technically call most of them Muppets anymore). #MuppetsNow, an Original Series, is streaming July 31 only on #DisneyPlus. How am I wrong? "Lifestyle with Miss Piggy" by Luke Butland, "Pepe’s ¡Unbelievable! Following the trend of adapting classic novels with the Muppet’s unique humour, Muppet Treasure Island sees Kermit play Captain Abraham Smollet, Fozzie Bear as Squire Trelawney and Miss Piggy as Benjamina Gunn. Plus, Gonzo and Rizzo step up to serve as the Narrators. There are still a lot of questions to be answered, but here’s what we know so far. “Muppets Now” is a smart enough update of the franchise that it should have no trouble satisfying longtime fans while converting new ones — which makes the fact of Disney Plus having precious little Muppets content even more disappointing. A direct sequel to the 2011 hit, this time Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fey join the felt fun, helping the colourful characters after Kermit the Frog is framed by lookalike jewel thief Constantine. They are due now, and he’ll need to navigate whatever obstacles, distractions, and complications the rest of the Muppet gang throws at him. as well as their original creations (like Helpsters). Each of the series’ recurring segments is anchored by both the most familiar Muppets and some furry faces that only diehards would know. The Muppets take on another literary classic, this time tackling Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.” This film features wonderful songs that are easy to remember and sing along with and classic one liners that will keep you laughing. It’s also notable for the first appearance of the Oscar-nominated ‘Rainbow Connection’, arguably The Muppets’ biggest song which they still perform to this day.

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