new york in the 70s

A group of school boys catches the late afternoon show in the Bronx. Levinson, Marc. —To the 70s, and 80's too. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. In just five years from 1969 to 1974, the city lost over 500,000 manufacturing jobs, which resulted in over one million households being dependent on welfare by 1975. In the above photograph, negotiations take place on the Bowery. Four boys play atop the hood of an abandoned car on a street in the South Bronx in May 1972. ", 35 years ago, grief at the scene of John Lennon's murder, This WWII women's dorm was the hippest spot in town, Rarely seen images from the Walt Disney Archives, White sand, black gold: When oil derricks loomed over California beaches, Chicago in ruins: The unimaginable aftermath of the Great Fire of 1871, Before the Holocaust, Nazis targeted so-called 'Gypsies', Dance pioneer Loie Fuller performed like liquid in motion, Coney Island's heyday was basically wall-to-wall people, Emptying Tutankhamun's tomb took 8 years of painstaking labor, Early 1900s photo album captures the evolution of one loving family, An expansive photo record of Native American life in the early 1900s. Want more of the Culture you actually care about delivered straight to your inbox? [2][3], The transit strike was the first of many labor struggles.
The city's other great train station, Grand Central, was also threatened with demolition but was eventually saved. Blue-collar neighborhoods began to deteriorate and become centers of drugs and crime. Duke Law Journal (1976): 1119+. Car thefts, burglaries, robberies, and rapes also all increased from the 60s to the 70s. [2] Dick Schaap, then a columnist for the New York Herald Tribune, coined and popularized the sarcastic term in an article titled Fun City. Yet the population declined after 1950, with increasing suburbanization in the New York metropolitan area as pioneered in Levittown, New York.

The Westies, on the other hand, was an Irish-American organized crime gang. As the Guardian wrote, "Times Square’s venerable old theatres and spectacular movie palaces were torn down for office buildings or allowed to slowly rot away, showing scratchy prints of cheesy second-run films or pornography, which any casual visitor might have thought was the city’s leading industry.". A group plays cards in a burnt out cafe in the Bronx. The exteriors of the subway system were covered in as much grime as the interiors. People wait in line outside Studio 54 in 1978. A night view of Broadway Avenue and Times Square in 1970. "This constitutes the default that we have struggled to avoid.

On November 9, 1965, New York endured a widespread power blackout along with much of eastern North America. Click here to sign up for our daily email. A store clerk arranges Elvis Presley records at a music store in 1977. "I have been advised by the comptroller that the City of New York has insufficient cash on hand to meet debt obligations due today," the statement said. Transportation didn't fare much better than waterways. In return, Congress ordered the city to increase charges for city services, to cancel a wage increase for city employees and to drastically reduce the number of people in its workforce. Gang leader Eddie Cuevas stands with members of the Reapers in the Bronx in 1972. Korrol, Virginia Sanchez and Pedro Juan Hernandez. “I think the main reason is that the mob cannot run a legitimate business to save its life,” Simon said. New York City became the capital of adult stores with Times Square as its epicenter.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, A Most Unusual Strike; Bread-and-Butter Issues Transcended By Educational and Racial Concerns, "GARBAGE STRIKE IS ENDED ON ROCKEFELLER'S TERMS;; MEN BACK ON JOB", "SHOTS ARE FIRED IN REFUSE STRIKE; FILTH LITTERS CITY; Shotgun Blasts Shatter 2 Panes at Home of Foreman Who Continues to Work MAYOR TOURS STREETS Mounting Garbage Is 'Very Serious,' Lindsay Says -Pact Talks Due Today Garbage Piles Up in Streets as Strike Grows 'Very Serious, "John V. Lindsay, Mayor and Maverick, Dies at 79", "MUNICIPAL ASSISTANCE CORPORATION FOR THE CITY OF NEW YORK (MAC)", "Municipal Assistance Corp., New York's 1975 savior, says 'see ya, "Overview of New York City's Fiscal Crisis", California Research Bureau, California State Library,, The Strike That Changed New York: Blacks, Whites, and the Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis, "What Does It Take To Get A Decent Apartment In The Big Apartment Squeeze? Immediately after World War II, New York City became known as one of the world's greatest cities. The Black Liberation Army was established by former members of the Black Panther Party. The hiring freeze and layoffs also affected the number of police officers employed by the city. Besides these extremist organizations, New York was also home to other criminal gangs such as the Black Spades and the Westies who conducted criminal activities in the town. 1970s New York City: The dangerous & gritty streets during a decade of decline. The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline lit up at dusk in 1973. From job loss to crime increases, New York City in the '70s was a place of chaos, turmoil, and fear, all captured in these striking photos. He brought this methodology to studies of other economically depressed cities across the country. The city government cut its number of employees by 40,000, deferred wage increases already agreed in contracts and kept them below the level of inflation. A man sits among graffiti in a subway car. [2][3] In the article, Schaap sardonically pointed out that it was not. Enjoy this look into New York City in the 1970s? New York experienced a fiscal crisis during the 1970s. A symptom of the city's waning competitiveness was the loss of both its longtime resident National League baseball teams to booming California; the Dodgers and the Giants both moved after the 1957 season. The … If 1990s-era New York was a decade that finally demanded change, 1970s New York was the decade that truly warranted it. Lower East Side residents interact near their stoops. The postwar population shift to the suburbs resulted in the decline of textile manufacturing and other traditional industries in New York, most of which also operated in extremely outdated facilities.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono with attorney Leon Wildes as they leave the Immigration and Naturalization Service at 20 W. Broadway in 1972. Rats everywhere! Click here to sign up for our daily email.

The city was riddled with problems and it would take than more than twenty years before it would shed its negative stigma. The Sad Story Of Laika, The First Animal To Orbit The Earth, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. The security conditions (or lack thereof) in New York was a reflection of the social dissidence present in the city during the 1970s. In the summer of 1975, tourists were greeted with this ominous brochure at the airport. On one hand we fear the terrors of the time, the junkies on the fire escape scheming to steal a $50 rabbit-ear TV , the return of jazz fusion. In the late 1970s, he developed a method of photographing neighborhoods in a straightforward, dispassionate manner, and rephotographing them over the years to track their transformations. The opening of the mammoth World Trade Center complex in 1972, however, was one of the few high points of the city's history at that time. (The city's ordeal became the subject of the 1968 film, Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?)

Women march down Fifth Avenue as a part of the Women's Equality March on August 26, 1970. A jazz band plays on the back of a truck as it drives through the streets of Harlem in the summer of 1970. Strip clubs and other adult businesses started filling Times Square in the late '60s. This is New York City in the 1970s. "State Saves a City: The New York Case, A." By 1970, the city gained notoriety for high rates of crime and other social disorders. You loved it because it was real. A porn shop with films and live shows near Times Square in 1975.

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