paddleton death scene

Location scouting is such an important part of the process and ideally when you're location scouting, you're doing it with someone that you absolutely love. This inconsequential game is best played while in the middle of an inconsequential conversation: about Kung Fu or pizza or what life would be like if you had to live with a wool beanie stretched over your face. Too often, Andy’s anxiety about Michael’s situation is deflected with humor, which lands only like a pat on the back, never reveling in the absurdity. How to Write a Screenplay During Quarantine [FREE 100-page eBook], You Can Now Rent an Entire AMC Theater for Only $99. In fact, that’s often reversed. In a lot of ways, there's a master and student. The joke almost becomes a reality in Paddleton (streaming on Netflix now), an 89-minute movie where, for about 81 of those minutes, not a damn thing happens. The film often feels slightly overcast, darkly shaded, and low lit. NFS: The film is in no way, shape, or form a Kung Fu movie, but it's heavily influenced by them (as is apparent by the two main characters' love for the genre). This is Paddleton played as the game’s inventors, Michael (Mark Duplass) and Andy (Ray Romano) intended.

You take turns to bash the ball against the wall and — if you’re lucky — score points by landing it in the drum between you.

NFS: For our Sundance filmmakers survey, you mentioned that "flooding shut down all freeways out of Los Angeles and all of our actors had to go on these long six-to-eight hour journeys to get to set."

In the opening scene of Alex Lehmann’s buddy dramedy, “Paddleton,” the movie’s central characters are side-by-side, listening to the kind of news no one wants to hear from a doctor. We are shooting and it all organically came together, it wasn't like because it was an improvised script. It's your cover set and it's usually a scene where you have your principal actors and they're already in town.

What makes a film a Duplass Brothers production and how did you find your way into the mix? The diagnosis changes nothing and everything about their routine. Most of the action takes place in drab, neutral colored settings. Lehmann: A cover set is a set (and a scene) in a movie that you are going to be able to shoot given unforeseeable conditions. “Paddleton” is mostly just quiet. That becomes a level of prevalence in your life in your 30s rather than when you're in your 20s.

Duplass and Lehmann try to evade the obvious by sending Andy and Michael on a road-trip: a six-hour drive to the nearest pharmacy that will give Michael the drugs he needs to end his own life.

NFS: Did you ever have a fully written script? Dubai: 10 Breast cancer foodie and wellness events, Dubai terraces: 20 Outdoor bars and restaurants to see, Video: Shirtless Egyptian Police Academy cops go viral, India says ‘no timeframe’ for release of China soldier, COVID-19: UAE has one of the lowest death rates, Pakistani male celebrities paint their nails for cause, Pakistan: Woman abused by husband in Lahore. NFS: As this is partly a road trip movie, I imagine your Location Manager would be someone you had to rely on quite a bit. Something like an ostrich farm with Mark and Ray having this really genuine moment on set, you're filming and you go "Oh my God, this is amazing, we're so lucky to have captured this." This is a specific genre within the Kung Fu genre which is a little more character driven and soul searching and, in a weird way, those wushu films speak to these two-hander Duplass films. The movie is funny because it allows its characters to simply be, given the time they have left on Earth. And so I decided we should kill him [Mark]! Most of the time in L.A. you won't really have to think about it, but it's great if you have a first AD and a pretty certain Location Manager who understands what cover sets are and takes that off of your shoulders. It's abandoned like most drive-in movie theaters are. Subscribe to receive the free PDF! It's that thing that you know you can shoot at some point if you need to and you try to save it for later in case something comes up and you have to shoot sooner. I have known him since college. Had you known of someone who was recently battling cancer? Next we see Andy as he continues life without his best friend, doing things like watching "Death Punch", playing Paddleton alone. Help Save an American Moviegoing Tradition by Funding Honda's 'Project Drive-In', Walmart Is Using Its Parking Lots to Show Drive-In Movies for Free, Watch: Mark Duplass and Ray Romano in the Netflix Drama, 'Paddleton'. Privacy Policy. It doesn’t maintain the balance, but at the same time it does movingly convey what it might feel like to see the inconsequential things — the kitschy movies, the made-up ball games, the stove-burnt pizzas — endure while your best friend trundles to a stop. We want to see what makes them cool, even if a lot of the world sees them as quirky and doesn't understand them. What makes a film a Duplass Brothers production and how did you find your way into the mix? I think it was in the mess hall where we were eating our crew meals every day. These characters have super simple lives, they aren't wealthy, they don't need much, they're kids really, they're children, so think about what your college dorms looked like, you know? When contemplating the subject of dying, Michael (Mark Duplass) can muster little else than “eh.” “Paddleton,” and its gestures toward hushed profundity, might evoke much the same reaction from audiences. Life for these characters, for a lot of us, is something they need to break down into units of game time or scores across a season or even, film quotes — the shared language of reference and counter-reference that, like those three little words, only really connect when they feel right. Yes, Paddleton is technically a comedy about death, one that could easily be sold as a humorous romp possessing real-life implications. Duplass and his co-writer, director Alex Lehmann, deliver this strange concoction — an improv bromance mixed with a tragic love story — with delicacy. Alex Lehmann: I had been making a documentary on my own called Asperger's Are Us and I was doing that every minute I had free time and wasn't doing camera work on a show called The League which Mark Duplass happened to be acting in.

This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. Mark asked "What's going on?" Instead of swords, we've got racquets. I like realism and as far as aesthetics go, I asked our cinematographer, Nathan M. Miller, to keep things real. This was the place to play. From there we realized that we had similar interests and he asked me to come onboard Blue Jay. When we were scouting, we'd think "Oh, Andy and Michael would want to stop here too" so I would throw it out to Mark and Ray like, "Hey you guys want to do a bit at the ostrich farm?" They're pragmatic but by no means flashy or polished, and they don't care about aesthetics. Register to read and get full access to, By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our All Rights Reserved. No Film School: This isn't your first collaboration with the Duplass Brothers. What kind of visual strategy were you going for when creating this moody tone? in front of. It’s a distraction, a quasi-serious pursuit with ambiguous purpose. At one point we were like, "Oh we'll just have them play outside of the apartment," but if this drive-in was in your neighborhood, I'd be fighting to play there. Lehmann: We weren't a huge production, and actually Sean, one of our producers on the film, also played the role of Location Manager and he and I did all the driving. Terms of Use In the final scene we see a mother and young son moving into Michael's apartment. We drove by that drive-in movie theater, and I thought, if I were a kid and was making up some sort of racquetball game and I lived by this giant screen, I would be there every day. It Has to Sound Good, 6 Things to Think About When Safeguarding Your Film Set from COVID-19, 7 Tips For Breaking Into Documentary Filmmaking, The Best Filmmaking Deals of the Week (10.16.20). The end (the scene) is one of the most heartbreakingly realistic things I’ve ever seen in film. All rights reserved. What role did Kung Fu movies play in your cinephile life? It wasn't too hard, they just told me we are going to have to shoot this and this and this instead and we just went with it. To play Paddleton you will need: two tennis rackets, a ball, a large wall, an empty oil drum and a friend. Mark just looks at me and he says, "Man, that's what you got to do with your next movie. Before receiving a cancer diagnosis, Michael spent the bulk of his time with his best friend, Andy (Ray Romano), doing puzzles, playing a squash-like game called “Paddleton,” and watching the same kung fu movie repeatedly. The score, the same plinky-plonky spritz of piano and acoustic guitar you’ll hear across countless other indie dramedies, really doesn’t help. “Paddleton” is so keyed into its protagonists’ various idiosyncrasies that it seems hesitant to grapple with its own central tension. We had a treatment, a pretty lengthy treatment, but there was a lot of form, of adaptation, as we rehearsed. The film is in no way, shape, or form a Kung Fu movie, but it's heavily influenced by them (as is apparent by the two main characters' love for the genre). Lehmann: I feel like I'm at the age where, sadly, more of my family members and friends are getting sick. it was very generous of him as he watched it and wanted to help release it. it didn't feel like a bar anymore so our department tried to dress it up a little bit and I told the DP, I think we need to shoot a little bit tighter to really sell the location, and after that first take we realized that intimacy actually worked better anyway, It really became about just living in Andy's moment, and it's one of those things where you try something for a different reason and you start realizing why it's working on all these levels, to keep going with that, to keep going with it because it works. I know you never need cover sets in L.A. because of the lack of rain in Los Angeles, but we were shooting the one month that it rained, January, and then yeah, those poor actors would have to drive six to eight hours to get someplace that should have only been two hours away. The story of a friendship with an unfortunate expiration date, director Alex Lehmann's Paddleton is a film that never lets its quirks overshadow its emotional depth. I don't want to speak on their behalf and on their brand and what they do, but as far as what we have in common, I think we like to find an underdog and strangely acquire quieter people who aren't necessarily the typical protagonist. Lehmann communicates a monotonous existence for these characters, their dull environs acting as a primary vessel for his major theme. Or was it always just a treatment?

I like anything that's introspective and character-driven, and those wushu films are pretty cool. The world of Paddleton is dull and colorless—not dark, per se, but certainly without luster. Michael knows his time on Earth is limited, and Andy, an often blubbering individual who just wants a best friend, has agreed to assist him in making his final days as comfortable as possible. That means, you're lighting a space but you let actors come in a way that's more natural so it's  the payoff that you get; it's nice-looking but realistic and slightly somber. Assaulted by reality, he steals Michael’s drugs and locks them in a pink plastic toy safe — the fantasy hiding the truth again.

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