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Rodrigo Santoro has been serving his talent in the entertainment sector for more than two decades. This story has been shared 299,169 times. He’s already established a range of connections with women by the entertainment market. Rodrigo Santoro (2012-present; married) Biography. He steadily got famous for his roles in various movies. “Prejudice comes from distance, from exclusion. Rodrigo Santoro with his wife, Mel Fronckowiak on 20 May 2019 (Photo: Rodrigo Santoro's Instagram) Rodrigo and Mel were also blessed with a baby princess on 22 May 2017. He spent two months filming in Rome, alongside renowned actors such as Helen Mirren and Anne Bancroft. Besides his parents, he also has a sister named Flávia Junqueira dos Reis Santoro, who is an architect. e os estudos ? Emma Stone Married To Fiance Dave McCary? Owner of a retinue of million followers on Twitter, it also promotes literary initiatives in the social network, such as the project "Caçadora de Palavras" (Hunter Words), which aims to stimulate the production of poetry amongst young people. During an interview with purepeople, Rodrigo’s wife wished his life partner on his birthday with some unique wish. [7] At the time, she was still studying Journalism, when she was invited by a modeling agency to work professionally. Born in 1975, the actor blows up his birthday candles on the 22nd of August every year. Rodrigo Santoro Wiki Biography, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth. [5], In May 2013, Mel released the book Inclassíficavel: Memórias da Estrada (Unclassifiable: Memories of the Road). Regarding Xerxes, he has stated: He's rich, he's arrogant, he's a very unstable megalomaniac. “They did reveal in the trailer that there’s a new world I’m part of. [3], In October 2011 the former model was voted the "Girl of the Year" in Meus Prêmios Nick,[4] the most important teen event sponsored by Nickelodeon Brazil. He’s, but famous for his role from the movie 300 called Xerxes. Santoro’s character, Joel Kelly, is the gang leader. I started with that because that was missing in terms of understanding approaching that world,” he says. Rodrigo Santoro Wiki Biography, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth. Rodrigo Santoro  was born to Maria José Junqueira dos Reis and Francesco Santoro. Then started dating version Ellen Jabour at 2003 and split after a four-year lengthy affiliation. Rodrigo played the male lead in the Hulu series REPRISAL for producer Warren Littlefield. Rodrigo Santoro is one of the famous Brazilian movie actors who rose into fame for his brilliant performance as Xerxes in 2006’s blockbuster movie 300. In high school she won a scholarship to a university in Santa Cruz do Sul, where her paternal uncle lived. Moreover, he shares a close bond with his family members, which is proven by his social media posts. Rodrigo Santoro with his wife, Mel Fronckowiak on 20 May 2019 (Photo: Rodrigo Santoro's Instagram) Rodrigo and Mel were also blessed with a baby princess on 22 May 2017. After the arrival of their daughter, chances are high of them tying the knot in near future. Rodrigo Santoro is a world-renown actor who can recently be seen starring alongside Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, and Geoffrey Wright in the hit HBO series WESTWORLD created by Jonah Nolan and produced by JJ Abrams. Pregnancy Rumors? They named their cute daughter Nina. He will next be seen in the feature PROJECT POWER for … By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Well, as of 2018, he has a whopping net worth of $10 million. They have not revealed any pictures of Nina yet. There are, however, no signs of them getting married. ” Her additional grandmother had a specific gift, “And my grandma (on mothers’ side) had a photographic memory, therefore she’d visit Broadway plays she would incorporate music, and she’d return and play with it to the piano, and she’d teach all to dancing. Santoro plays Jesus in the 2016 historical action film Ben-Hur and received personal blessings from Pope Francis for this role. A post shared by Rodrigo Santoro (@rodrigosantoro). He’s yet perhaps not wed. He’s extremely busy on Insta-gram and place movies onto it to a normal basis. He learned street fighting, Muy Thai, boxing, Jiu Jitzu and talked to former gang members. 2020 The actress was quite active in school. Here's an Instagram post of gorgeous Fronckowiak flaunting her baby bump. The award-winning actor, Rodrigo, is living a perfect married life with his Opera Singer wife, Mel Fronckowiak. This was her first solo program due to good audience and its impact on social media was renewed for a new season for next year.

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