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They think he was executed! I discovered it was based on a true story which made it easier to follow and accept what was happening rather than wondering why the characters acted as t. An extremely difficult book to get into. Against the backdrop of political turbulence and the enlightenment in the second half of the 18th century, the narrative revolves around the court of the mentally ill King Christian VII of Denmark, and the romance between the king's physician, Johann Friedrich Struensee, and the queen, Caroline Mathilde. It is almost like a musical symphony, where certain motifs are repeated or varied to create emphasis. “A great book, a powerful book—it effortlessly and self-confidently surmounts the standard works of fiction.” —Die Zeit “Incomparably exciting in its uncompromising lucidity and at the same time unsettling.” —Suddeutsche Zeitung “Time and time again the story takes to the air on the wings of fantasy … a magnificent adventure.” —Upsala Nya Tidning “The erotic scenes are among the most beautiful I have read in modern literature.” —Kvällsposten”, Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger for Roman (2001), Deutscher Bücherpreis for Internationale Belletristik (2002), International Dublin Literary Award Nominee for Shortlist (2003), GdL Narrativa Luglio 2012: Il medico di corte di Per Olov Enquist - Commenti e discussione. Yet his role in the Danish revolution and the period that followed was not slight. Within weeks I had ordered hard copies of this book and "The Story of Blanche and Marie." An international sensation, The Royal Physician's Visit magnificently recasts the dramatic era of Danish history when Johann Friedrich Struensee - court physician... Free shipping over $10. The RCP has responded to a Downing Street briefing on rising coronavirus cases with NHS England national medical director Professor Stephen Powis and deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam. No one reacted with consternation. Discover 500 years of history, medicine, art and architecture with a fascinating guided tour of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in Regent's Park. He found the image of the huge but fallen trees insidious. It was clear that the King was strongly engaged in the play and believed himself to be one of the actors, but Guldberg calmly went up on stage and kindly took the King by the hand. What did this say about the role of rank and status in this era of Danish history? An event in June 1767 had particularly disturbed Guldberg. It made him tenacious, and it taught him to hate filth. Primary Category: Literature / Fiction. I don't know. She wished to protect the young girl from life's filth, and for a long time she succeeded. A million times better than Dario Fo's take on the same story in 'Der er en skør konge i Danmark'. He took up an actor's pose and recited what might be assumed to be lines; the words "tracasserie" and "anthropophagie" were the only ones distinguishable. After the little English whore arrived and was married to the King, Fru von Plessen was appointed chief lady-in-waiting. Guldberg had always wished that his biography would begin with the words: "There once was a man named Guldberg." That's why I must seek out my benefactress, who is the Sovereign of the Universe.". The King consistently kept three or four paces behind Guldberg, following him obsequiously, seeming anxious not to be abandoned. Keith had merely nodded with an expression of interest, as if everything the King said was interesting and sensible. He took a firm grip on the King's arm and with a stony but soothing smile he said: "Struensee is dead, Your Majesty. Consider Christian's fascination with the theater, and how it influenced the progression of his madness. the erotic love scene between the Doctor and the Queen). It's possible to imagine an equestrian statue of Struensee in Østre Fælled where he was executed, portrayed astride his horse Margrethe, whom he loved so much, in the park that is still there today, now used for demonstrations and public events, next to the athletic field. I did find the style difficult - I almost always struggle with Scandinavian authors - or their translators. An equestrian statue perhaps? What is the relationship between the inner psychology and the physical appearance of each of these main characters? In a letter he writes about the relative smallness of the great living trees and about their demise. Christian VII, Denmark’s King, will go through history as some kind of mad. It is in this connection that he speaks of the mighty oak forest where the trees were felled and only the insignificant shrub remained as victor. I would have loved to have had more of Queen Caroline Mathilda as a focus, or even a book focusing of King Christian or Struensee, with the other two characters seen through the main one. And that was only proper. This is a richly atmospheric work of historical fiction, filled with political intrigue, historical personages and events, shadowed by darkness and a visible sorrow clear in every one of its pages. ", "But he's alive! Free tours of the medicinal gardens are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 2pm from March to October. His "handlers" determine that he needs to have a doctor along to help fend off, and to treat, the King’s frequent bouts of "agitation." So here we go--an attempt to pull together my thoughts about books I read months ago! Ten years after that, on September 21, 1782, by the time "the Struensee era" had become a common expression, Robert Murray Keith, the British ambassador to Copenhagen, reported to his government about an incident he had witnessed. The novel describes several interesting first impressions. "He looks as if he is already an old man, very short and gaunt, with a sunken face, his smoldering eyes testifying to the sickly state of his mind." News . Guldberg was justified in reacting. Registered charity no. Perhaps it was the looming sense of doom - we know right from the start that the doctor-hero will be executed and the king will remain irredeemably trapped by madness and politics. He had assumed the title of "Prime Minister.". To ensure your visit is as safe as possible, we have introduced new procedures and measures in accordance with government guidelines. What do you think are the central causes of the Queen's rapid transformation? The doctor replies that he is already doing good work in medicine and public health, "I keep statistics on all the medical problems in Altona. This is the story of an important series of events in European history that I had never heard of (Yeah, thanks a lot American public school system! Our expert museum staff and specialist tours partners, Discover Medical London, offer a range of tours and guided walks, which are outlined below. The RCP museum's multimedia guide is an easy to use handheld device with over 2 hours of films and images, featuring interviews with leading historians and experts to help you explore the RCP and the history of medicine as well as our museum collection, architecture and garden. Brandt was a clever but wild man. It was important that up until this date, no sexual relations had taken place between the royal couple, despite the fact that they had been married for seven months. He did not inherit it. It's a fascinating historical episode, and Enquist indisputably casts it in a powerfully claustrophobic and oppressive atmosphere through his unusual writing, but so much 'telling' is really not to my taste. Which character do you believe you know best by the end of the novel? His writing, while unique and quite 'literary', relied heavily on 'telling' and never really entered into any character's point-of-view, but took an odd, omniscient angle. Does the power of fear work in either character's favor in the long run? He assigned himself the role of politician. Politics was a mechanism that could be analyzed and constructed; in that sense it was a machine. Would I have read on more eagerly if I still had hopes for a happy ending? His book, "Lewi's Journey," sat across the room from me for well over two years before curiosity finally, finally got the better of me. I observe and assist with the autopsies . There’s no doubt. This small book took me an age to read. The whores flocked around his bed. He is a magnificent poet who takes liberties. The British ambassador's portrait of the King and Guldberg from the year 1782 is astonishing and yet contains an inner truth. How do you think this compares to the importance of status in our society today? Published in Sweden in 1999. Lying! I suppose my taste is for a much more straight forward and much less flowery, poetic type book. He conquered it. He repeats certain key phrases over and over, (sometimes varying them slightly), which creates an almost hypnotic rhythm to the prose. His Majesty acted as if he were cringing ingratiatingly, almost cowering. It tells the story of the young, idealistic doctor Struensee who dreams of creating a new and better world. Struensee's eyes lit up, he stopped, raised his hand as if he wanted to pat the horse on the muzzle, and a faint, almost happy smile passed over his face, as if he thought the horse had come to bid him farewell. The peculiar premature aging, which, however, manifested itself only outwardly, had set in early, at the age of fifteen, and could not be explained by the doctors. "[3] Bruce Bawer reviewed the book for The New York Times, and wrote that "Enquist's principal characters are realized with a vividness and subtlety that place the book in the front ranks of contemporary literary fiction", and called the prose "brisk, lucid, vigorous, penetrating, rich in arresting epigrams and marked by calculated repetitions that give the novel a touch of hypnotic power. He knew that the assertion that he had been "cut" filled everyone with a feeling of discomfort. Don't we know that? Keith then happened to be standing near the King. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But here the opposite works well. November 1st 2002 The Royal Physician's Visit is based on historical fact: it recounts the story of Denmark's King Christian VII and his personal physician, Johann Friedrich Struensee. From them came all filth, including the filthy rumor. And yet he admired Milton, albeit reluctantly. I was ready to give up several times but persevered and am fairly glad I did. You feel the period, you feel the people and it all rings true while retaining the flow and feel of fiction. His eyes were icy-gray like a wolf's and he never blinked as he fixed his gaze on the person who was speaking. I hated the literary device the author repeatedly used "And this is what happened.". The King then began bowing mechanically, over and over, with fitful, almost spastic movements, as if the Danish King were a dog seeking to declare his utter submission and devotion to his beloved master. His is a gripping tale of power, sex, love, and the life of the mind, and it is superbly rendered here by Sweden's most acclaimed writer. Unannounced she entered the room he used for his tutoring, and without mincing words, she began castigating the Queen's behavior. Aggrieved members of the aristocracy manipulate the king to strip Dr. Struensee of his power and have him executed for adultery with Queen Caroline. Not because of any lack of intelligence but because of all his directors" (p. 248). It lasted twelve years. Guldberg kept a watchful eye on him the whole time. The Royal Physician's Visit magnificently recasts the dramatic era of Danish history when Johann Friedrich Struensee — court physician to mad young King Christian — stepped through an aperture in history and became the holder of absolute power in Denmark. Some of his descriptions are full of long, almost stream-of-consciousness sentences, which flow fast and build up a warm current of passionate emotion. Guldberg knew that this was the soft vulnerable point in the monster's belly. Then he describes what happened in the felled forest and how he, stunted and insignificant, was allowed to grow and prevail from the site where he watched everything happen, among the sprawled trunks in the felled forest. Of all the rulers of Denmark who were so often immortalized on horseback, he was no doubt the most capable rider and the one who loved horses the most.

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