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The airport area only got about an inch though with that. Red means El Nino, blue means La Nina, neither is neutral. No snow data at SLE, unfortunately, but they weren't a real sweet spot for last winter anyways (2008-09 or 2003-04 may have been better for them). Really sad Seattle only got 11.9" less than 10 miles away. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Unfortunately, from 1996 to 2004, snowfall was not measured at the airport. The National Weather Service takes its official snow measurement at Sea-Tac Airport (for the record, that measurement stands at 20.2 inches so far this month). Obviously the best since 1992-93. Flooding Severe Weather You really have to do your homework to get a true picture sometimes. Snow brings transportation disruptions to the Seattle area. The storms have delivered Seattle the most snow in February in 70 years (10.6. inches), while Sea-Tac airport reported a new monthly February record, the NWS Seattle office said on Twitter. There has been a glaring lack of huge events like 1892-93, 1915-16, 1936-37, 1949-50, and 1969-69 also. It's not like the warmth from the lake would make much difference as cold as it was. Rainfall Graphs National Weather Service You can post now and register later. They had light accumulating snow on a couple of other days that month too. CheWei Chang. It's a stark contrast to reliable city stations like Central Park. Training Seems like lazy measuring. South Salem and places towards Stayton and Jefferson did pretty well with the December event last year in terms of snow fall. The Salem to Oregon City corridor really maximized snowfall on both the 14th and again with that little system on the 22nd. Past Snowfall With the downtown Seattle data now available on NCDC back to 1894, just thought I'd take the time to officially post all of the city of Seattle's official snow data for each winter and also highlight each winter's ENSO state. SEATTLE -- Well, at least now you'll have something to tell your kids and grandkids about with this snow storm as you survived the snowiest February on record at Sea-Tac Airport! Waterspouts SEATTLE, WA - Well, it's over. Yeah I lived about a mile and a half from Sandpoint at the time, and it snowed about 4" that day. A City of Olympia sanding truck makes it way up a street on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019, in Olympia, Wash. That's after getting 3" on the 14th. Recreational Pretty sad considering that's where you have the real longevity in the climate record. WINTER STORMS CLOBBER PARTS OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST, CALIFORNIA AND MIDWEST. The crappy nature of the COOP stations around here doesn't help, either. There has been a glaring lack of huge events like 1892-93, 1915-16, 1936-37, 1949-50, and 1968-69 also. Thing is, although we used to get slightly more big upper level arctic airmasses, they weren't that much more common than in these last few decades. I was already stuck at home with 8" on the ground when the snow began on the 22nd. US Dept of Commerce Area Information March 2012 was ridiculous. Winter Hazards, Science Yeah...where I live both of those winters had a lot more snow. Multiple locations were found. Part of it is location and luck too. NOAA:, Wunderground: Sandpoint for example only measured 1.6" on 12/18/2008, on a day when much of downtown Seattle had 4-5" per reports. We picked up about 8" from that one in Silverton. A couple of caveats about these totals: The measurements aren't technically official. 2012-13: 16.75"                 2012-13: 78.45, 2011-12: 98.5"                   2011-12: 92.67". Corvallis officially had 18.5", which was their first real blockbuster since 1992-93. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren). From the records I have been able to scrape together I'm confident that the 1880 to 1900 period averaged around 25 inches for the central Puget Sound. Not factoring in the Pacific's buffering effect, you're talking about a 1.1F contribution since 1950, or a 2.1F contribution since 1900. I really have no idea. “I was born and raised here; we don’t get these kinds of systems often. Text Products, Seasonal Hazards Pretty D**n amazing how few winters had less than 10" during the first 20 or so years of record. We include it here and another snow-touched view up Cherry from Front taken, most likely judging from its internal evidences, five years earlier in 1875. Spotter Homepage. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! Lake Effect Snow Normal Rainfall 5 consecutive months had over 1 inch that winter. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Seems like they had 5-6" with the big storm, yeah? Beach/Surf MISCELLANEOUS SNOWFALL RECORDS Longest Periods With at Least 1.0" of Snow on the Ground 64 days January 8 through March 12, 1978 62 days December 20, 1976 through February 20, 1977. Downtown obs for both Portland and Seattle leave a lot to be desired.

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