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I did that for 15 years.

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“I wondered what I was going to do with my life after hockey. Both efforts failed. [25][26], The final legend involves Raven and Mink, who are swallowed by a whale along with firewood and stones they bring to build a fire in his stomach. Still, the NHL simply found his game too unconventional to condone.

basically little different from us.

A thoroughly enjoyable read on one of Seattle’s great sports stars. Grandfather of Raven then gave Raven the box containing the sun, which Raven took and flew up through the smoke hole with. / David Eskenazi Collection.

Cost of the franchise: $6 million. Fielder also keeps in touch with old teammates –– he sees Bill MacFarland once or twice a year –– and still watches hockey, although the modern game is not quite to his liking. It's perfect.

I have it in my mind that I can’’t make them, and so I can’t. [21], The original Chief-of-All-Women pole was 49 feet 8 inches (15.14 m) tall[7] and was carved from hemlock,[18] while the replica stands 50 feet (15 m) tall and was carved from a 70-foot (21 m) red cedar from Kina Cove near Kasaan, Alaska. Thanks again for a great article.

And after the 9-4 pasting the Totems took on that night in 1972 along with the announcement that the Soviets' number one goaltender, Vladislav Tretiak, would be between the pipes for the second match, it looked like another Soviet victory was in store at the sold-out Seattle Center Coliseum. Seattle's line of Wisener, Dave Westner and Don Westbrooke scored five of the eight goals with Westbrooke earning the ONLY hat-trick ever by a North American player against the Soviets.

Christmas night 1972 was particularly special for the Totems as they hosted the Soviet Union Red Army team at the Seattle Center Coliseum.

That went for naught: the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals finally tossed out his claim. On October 18, 1899, the totem pole was raised in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle[6][9] and was "greeted by cheers of a multitude of people. Name, Seattle history, everything. Fielder topped the WHL in assists 12 times and in points nine times. What a couple of amazing athletes. More than 12,700 fans watched the Totems, behind Don Westbrooke s hat trick, score a shocking 8-4 victory over the defending World Champions. On top of that, the contracts are just ridiculous. Parietti, Walt (6 January, 1974) Totems' Big W Line Shocks Russians.

The team will compete in the NHL as a member club of the league's Pacific Division in the Western Conference. In 1909, Seattle hosted the Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition, which in part celebrated the transformation of Seattle from a small town to a booming city, and the totem pole was featured on the official brochure.

Fielder received one more shot at the NHL, just prior to the 1957 season.

his column, "View From The Gondola" in Seattle Totems Hockey Magazine, Press J to jump to the feed. The Totems believed they scored the tying goal late in the period, but officials waived it off due to a high stick.

Fielder didn’’t stay retired long, only a matter of months. This threesome would play exactly zero National Hockey League games over their combined careers.

Keith Allen was the team's most successful coach, leading the team to the playoffs in 6 of his 7 seasons. Early 70’s I believe. I told Jack (GM Jack Adams) that I was wasting my time and his time. 7, middle row. However, the whale does not swallow enough fish and they begin to cut slices of fat from the whale's stomach. Fielder has been married to his second wife, Georgia, for eight years and lives in a gated community (Leisure World) in Mesa. Totems coach Phil Maloney held high praise for the visiting Russians, labeling them as the best team in the world. In his eloquent style, Westbrooke scored a hat trick, Westner bagged two and Wisener had four assists. They aren’t the shit team they’ve always been anymore.

Fielder spent two and a half years in the Utah capital before the Golden Eagles traded him to Portland, where he finished his career (1972-73) and entered retirement. I would really like if we just call the team the Seattle Totems. Raven turned himself into a needle and fell into the chief's daughter's drinking cup, who drank the needle and gave birth to a son, who was Raven. [23] On the Pioneer Square totem pole that is Raven, which in Tlingit mythology "did everything, knew everything, and seemed to be everywhere at once. Jack gave me a $500 raise, and I stuck around a few more games. [2] The village appeared to be deserted and they decided to take a totem pole as a souvenir. attended in Seattle. LOVE the Totems name. The original totem pole was carved in 1790 and raised in the Tlingit village on Tongass Island, Alaska to honor the Tlingit woman Chief-of-All-Women.

the Seattle sports world when the Soviet National Champions visited our town Re-branded and renamed by the new ownership group for the start of the 1958-59 season, the franchise was a continuation of the Isaacson Ironmen team of 1943-44, going through numerous name changes and surviving a one-year hiatus due to financial difficulties. [3] The City of Seattle was allowed to keep the totem pole and the Chamber of Commerce committee was charged a nominal fine of $500,[12] which the Seattle Post-Intelligencer paid on their behalf.

Fielder (7) is second from the left on the bottom row. [3] The expedition returned to Seattle on August 30, 1899, and the Chamber of Commerce committee subsequently presented the totem pole to the Seattle City Council as a gift to the city. The Soviets took a quick first period 3-0 lead, before Paul Raymer finally got the Totems on the board. [5] The expedition was meant to be a "goodwill tour," with a mixture of business and pleasure,[5] and the goal of investigating increased trade and investment in Alaska.

Lucky to have been able to watch Fielder, and a lot of other good players, for so many years. I just didn’’t have the patience to stick.

The announcement that Seattle, along with Denver, would receive an NHL franchise spelled the end of the Western Hockey League. The Totes spotted the Soviets a 3-0 lead, then clawed their way back to tie the game at 4-4. though heavily out-manned in talent, played inspired hockey for two periods,

The Totems enjoyed few highlights after that. The totem pole was later stolen by Seattle businessmen on an expedition to Alaska and subsequently gifted to the City of Seattle in 1899, where it was raised in Pioneer Square and became a source of civic pride. Fielder played only briefly with the Red Wings that season before returning to the Totems. First of all, hockey has been taken over by big, strong, fast guys, but they don’’t have a brain in their heads. It was too big to roll down the beach, so we sawed it in two. It also airs Saturday at 6:35am and 9:35am.

One day, he learned that there was a chief who possessed the sun, the moon, and the stars in a box. The Totems touted Fielder’s career achievements in this 1962 fact sheet. More than 12,700 fans watched the Totems, behind Don Westbrooke s hat trick, score a shocking 8-4 victory over the defending World Champions.

itself. The totem pole was initially carved around the year 1790 and belonged to the Kinninook family, a Tlingit clan of the Raven moiety. / David Eskenazi Collection. The original totem pole was carved in 1790 and raised in the Tlingit village on Tongass Island, Alaska to honor the Tlingit woman Chief-of-All-Women. Canucks are young and getting better. Ever since then, off and on, people have been The Seattle Times. I started watching the Totems in 1963 and this brings back a bunch of memories. (The Seattle hockey team played; and proud of its own behavior and

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Seattle Totems Hockey Magazine. Seattle’’s sporting fortunes took a turn for the better in 1974, when the city received a National Football League franchise (Seahawks) and a North American Soccer League franchise (Sounders).

““Tough to lose, but I’ll never, ever forget that series,”” said Fielder. For two summers in the mid-60’s I went to a hockey school run by Fielder and Gordie Sinclair in Woodinville. The whale washes ashore and Raven sings until people come and cut open the whale to free Raven and Mink. I just hope everyone will be ready for this season to start.

There aren’’t any playmakers. “That was just an unbelievable game.

The totem pole was later damaged by arson and a replica was commissioned and installed in its place in 1940, which is now designated a National Historic Landmark.

Paul Raymer: "I would have played them for nothing.

She did not live long afterwards though and her frog children eventually turned into humans and never returned to the lake. War in the 1970's.

A Totems game program from the 1959-60 season, which sold for 25 cents. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Alexandr Yakushev was the star of the game with 3 goals and an assist.

It never happened. [4] However, even as the Klondike Gold Rush came to an end, civic leaders also wanted to solidify Seattle as the "Gateway to Alaska"[6] and the Seattle Chamber of Commerce included a committee of prominent businessmen on the expedition.

Originally signed by the Chicago Blackhawks as a free agent March 9, 1951 (the 20-year-old Fielder received a $100 signing bonus), Fielder saw action in three games (no points) before Chicago loaned him to New Westminster of the Pacific Coast Hockey League for cash in August of 1951. It’’s probably language abuse to suggest Golden Guyle played with guile but, in fact, he did. Besides being a phenomenal golfer, Fielder had a big array of trick pool shots, you couldn’t touch either of them in ping pong and for gawdsakes they could even throw ringer after ringer in horseshoes! And after being at game 7 of the Detroit-San Jose series last week I can say that Seattle really is missing something. Denver joined the new World Hockey Association, the money-losing Totems folded, Seattle wound up with nothing, and Abbey sued the NHL on anti-trust grounds. But what the Soviets did not expect was the “Big W” line of Dave Westner, Dave Wisener and Don Westbrooke, who connected for five of Seattle's goals enroute to an 8-4 upset of the visiting Soviets. [2] A carving of a seal, about 8 feet (2.4 m) in length, was also taken from the Tlingit village. & A. with Thiel can be heard every Friday during Morning Edition at 5:35am and 7:35am and again that same day on All Things Considered at 4:45pm. Anybody can sit on the bench.

They scored 5 unanswered goals to win the game 9-4.

I think the poor guy’s bloody face was on the front page of the sports section of the Times or P.I. I was fortunate.””.

Page 47. ““I can’’t make the little putts anymore. A condition of the sale permitted the Totems to survive as a farm team of the Canucks and included the proviso that if Seattle were ever offered an NHL franchise, Abbey and Barnes would be entitled to re-acquire the team from Northwest Sports. You think the Canadians are bad when they come down for a blue jays game? At the final horn, the two teams skated to center ice and held the traditional handshake to a thundering standing ovation in the Coliseum. human warmth: a standing ovation that was repeated after each period and

He was 39 years old and figured he didn’’t have much ice time left. [8] After the totem pole was floated back to the ship, the Chamber of Commerce committee collectively paid McGillvery $2.50 for his labor. [3], The suit was dismissed after a U.S. District Court Judge stopped in Seattle on the way to his new Alaska posting and was entertained at the private Rainier Club.

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