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We rarely have a skiff, and it is much like a Summer shower–just enough to mess up your plans. Skiff, that’s what I’ve always heard it called. gave us a little more than a skiff. a light fall of snow or rain. IE: A skiff of snow fell last night. I grew up in rural southwest Iowa, where a light dusting of snow was called a "skiff of snow." To search for a specific phrase, put it between quotation marks. Anyway, I always enjoy your writings, and I’m glad to see someone else posting about “skift.” It’s a fine old word, precise in meaning, and doesn’t deserve being ignored into oblivion. Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language? Reactions were as different as their supporters. Any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person. IE: A skiff of snow fell last night. What is the American word for the British mangetout? Like B. Graham’s post above, I began to wonder if I made the word up as a rarely have heard it used other than by me. Heritage. skiff noun [OED skiff “a slight sketch, trace, touch, etc.” chiefly Scot; cf CUD/HT skift “a light shower”]. “a ‘skiff’ of snow is a light flurry or cover of snow, but you can […], […] the first snowfall of the year. Here anything more than four inches is considered a big deal, and I haven’t been able to build a decent fort in years. I’m from eastern Canada and my Maine born husband thought I was crazy – he’d never heard the term “skiff” except as type of small boat. The “snow” kind of “skiff” comes from an entirely different source. Does anyone know the saying that goes “If if were a skiff, we’d be paddling on the river,” or something similar to this? (slang) Used when referring to anyone (typically rednecks and fishermen) who has a degree of intelligence, but believes they are more than they actually are. I’m with Bill, I’ve had enough of the snow and we surely have had enough of the cold for two days that it should have killed all the bugs. If you like what you see or read (I hope you do) and would like to use it please email me and ask at [email protected] © 2008-2020, Deputizing Blind Pig and The Acorn Lettuce Reporters @ Large. Column: I wore Trump and Biden shirts in public for one month. It’s when you take a flattish stone and bounce it on the top of the water. The definition of a skiff is a small boat with a flat bottom and pointed front used in shallow water. I was taught that a skift of snow was more than a dusting, though not enough to completely cover, say, grass. 1939 Hall Coll. I used this word in Northern California, and people didn’t know what I was saying. Those skiffs snows as you say Tipper, are colder than the big ones. You can have my share! I am glad I found this posting as I was starting to wonder if it was one of those words I had misheard over the years and it really didn’t exist. If you take a swipe at a football and barely touch it, you’d say you’d skiffed it, at least in the part of East Scotland where I grew up. I used to keep a small shovel and a small bag of cat litter in the car. “a ‘skiff’ of snow is a light flurry or cover of snow, but you can also have ‘skiffs,’ light showers, of rain, or even a ‘skiff’ of light wind … ‘skiff’ is drawn from the Scots verb ‘to skiff,’ meaning ‘to move lightly and quickly, barely touching the surface” Aha! Grew up in Wisconsin, and was back on a visit when it snowed for the first time. We used the term “skiff of snow” too. The list goes on and on. I know it snows in places like Michigan and upstate New York, but we live in Central Ohio, and it almost never really snows here. wisp. But she may have picked that up from her mom, who learned reading and writing in S. Germany. To wipe one's penis around the edge of a cup, usually containining tea, before giving it to someone one does not like.

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