the mark of athena characters

However, he does tell the group to seek out Phorcys for information on Gaia, before realizing that Ceres would only be late if she felt there was a trap waiting for them, causing the god to flee the area. Percy goes down first in case there is water, as he can breathe in water and will not drown. Annabeth- Daughter of Athena (in a relationship with Percy), Piper- Daughter of Aphrodite (in a relationship with Jason), Jason- Son of Jupiter (in a relationship with Piper), Frank- Son of Mars (in a relationship with Hazel), Hazel-Daughter of Pluto (in a relationship with Frank), Coach Hedge- satyr that is watching over them as an authority figure (single). When Jason runs to her, Otis tosses his spear at him, which Jason deflects with a gust of wind and it strikes Ephialtes right in his side, turning him to dust. Piper Mclean:  Piper Mclean is the daughter of Aphrodite, and is one of the main characters in The Mark Of Athena. Hercules manages to escape from under the food, but is quickly knocked back down as Percy hits him with a ten-foot-tall wave of water. It was released on October 2, 2012. Right outside the Pomerian Line the Romans set up catapults to fire on the attacking Argo II. He also says he will save Annabeth and Percy, even if he has to make a crane that will reach all the way to Tartarus. Nico calls for help while Annabeth tells Percy to let her go. Jason Grace:  Jason Grace is the son of Jupiter, and also another main character in The Mark Of Athena. He has the ability to summon lighting, and able to ride in the wind. As a show of power, she then hits a capstone holding the room together and the shrine begins to crumble. Meanwhile, Leo, Hazel, and Frank end up getting lost in the city as Hazel has a hard time getting a lock on anything with so much under Rome. After the introductions, Reyna calls forth the Centurions to discuss something and tells the spirits in the kitchen to prepare a welcome feast. She has the ability to trick someone with her vast wisdom. Percy uses the distraction to try and surprise Chrysaor, but he is quickly defeated again. Annabeth escapes the room, but falls down a small pit and ends up breaking her ankle. Percy calls out to him, but Nico does not hear him and remains in his trance. Annabeth then enters a large room lined with beautiful tapestries but is quickly captured by their weaver, Arachne. Percy also remembers how Polybotes wanted to capture Percy and use his blood to water the stones of Mount Olympus and wake Gaea. He has the ability to craft mostly anything in a few minutes, and also the ability to summon fire. Annabeth had questioned if the goddess was actually Minerva, her Roman form, but she had yelled at her to never call her by that name again. In both cases, Annabeth managed to overcome her fear. When Piper realizes that Percy is not helping matters, she interrupts the two and tells Bacchus she had a vision that he would help them. As Percy calls out to Nico, saying that they will save him, he is waken up by Annabeth who tells him to brush his teeth and hair as she wants to show him something. The twin giants Ephialtes and Otis take away, This line of the prophecy could either refer to the information Nico holds to the, The main villain in each book is a creature that Annabeth is scared of. She is also reminded of how much she misses Percy Jackson, her boyfriend, every time she looks at Jason. The three quickly arrive at their lair and find the jar Nico di Angelo is unguarded. However, Bacchus refuses to help unless the two can "entertain" him. Tyson then calls for his brother, Percy, to tell him that Ella is scared. Chrysaor claims that there is no one else on their ship, but Percy says that gods only appear when they want, and claims that their captain is Dionysus. He shrieks that he will not allow any weapons inside the Pomerian Line, and grumbles at Jason for consorting with the enemies of Rome, referring to the Greek demigods.

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