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Morte said the Professor would not necessarily prioritize love over other risks in part 3, saying that if 'he didn't have that other dark part, it wouldn't work either'. Still more mysterious is why he would choose to be number two. Caranthir | [3][1], He is helped by Kemal and his daughter Zeynep, members of the secret order of the Loyal Ones. Caleb Menge | He is the mastermind of the heist who assembled the group, as well as Berlin 's brother. Eric and Robin had a friendly co-workers relationship. "[12] The character's anger about Berlin's death spawned the character's motivation for part 3, and was an idea Morte gave the producers. The Professor's fascination with origami was proposed by Morte. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is a 2017 American biographical drama film about American psychologist William Moulton Marston, who created the fictional character Wonder Woman. Why he joined Salamandra will always remain a mystery. Created by Paul Piedfort. Type of Villain Anime "Final Season of 'The Protector' Coming to Netflix in July 2020", "Will 'The Protector' Return for Season 2? Stranger Things 4: Millie Bobby Brown & Others Promise Eerie Upside Down, DEETS Inside. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If it was willingly or because of blackmail, no one can tell. Jacques de Aldersberg | 12 Salamandra | He was the mastermind responsible for organizing the Royal Mint of Spain robbery and later oversaw the robbery of the Bank of Spain, which had been planned by Berlin. Deceased Belgrave University Helin Kandemir as Ceylan, one of the Loyal Ones. Status He is unknowingly murdered by Silverback when Jack was trying to protect Robin Benson. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,émon_Journeys:_The_Series?oldid=17969. Killing Witchers. 1 [7] The producers also likened his appearance to that of a primary school teacher and believed this gave the character more credibility. But he apparently was not very happy with his choice, he and Azar Javed having had certain differences of opinion. It is later learned that it was due to him being affected by a magic spell cast by Gabrielle Dupres. Henselt | He is sophisticated but nerdy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [7], The principal photography began on March 7, 2018 in Istanbul. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. La casa de papel [l a ˈ k a s a d e p a ˈ p e l] [1], ou La Maison de papier au Québec, est une série télévisée espagnole réalisée par Álex Pina et diffusée entre le 2 mai 2017 et le 23 novembre 2017 sur la chaîne Antena 3 en Espagne.Dans le reste du monde, la diffusion de la première saison – en deux parties – débute le 20 décembre 2017 sur Netflix et connaît un grand succès. Occupation The Professor is the leader of the gang, and the one who carefully plans and organises the assaults on the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain. Nithral | [3] Morte said the character was a "workaholic". [2], Elena Pita of El Mundo described the character as "enigmatic". Bernard Loredo | Gaunter O'Dimm | Teacher By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. Earl | Affiliations #CrossoversNobodyAskedFor #MoneyHeist #3Idiots #Professor #Virus #Memes”, captioned Netflix India. [3] The first season consists of 10 episodes and became available for streaming on Netflix on December 14, 2018. [10] Morte, who does not wear glasses in real life, developed a tic of pushing back his glasses during casting; this was written into the character. The Professor from La Casa de Papel listen to his team and explains everything like a friend. Professor | The Crones | The Professor (Sergio Marquina) is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by Álvaro Morte. It is the Professor's second last encounter with anyone or anything. Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge EXCLUSIVE! [5], The Professor was designed as a charismatic yet shy villain who could convince the robbers to follow him and make the audience sympathetic to the robbers' resistance against the powerful banks. Premiere The Fantasy Series Is A First For Netflix", Netflix Announces Cast and Start of Production For Its First Turkish Original Series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell,, Turkish-language Netflix original programming, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. On the other hand, Virus is exactly opposite of the Money Heist Professor. Unseen Elder | Naagin 5: Dheeraj Dhoopar Opens Up On His Chemistry With Surbhi... Neha Kakkar & Rohanpreet Singh Are ALREADY Engaged? Alias [10] For his role, Morte was nominated for the Premios de la Unión de Actores (es) in 2018 in the category "Best television actor",[14] won the 21th Premios IRIS (es) in 2019 for Best Actor,[15] and is nominated for the Premios Feroz in 2020 for Best Leading Actor of a Series. Free Radicals, Part 2 A step of two with fluidity and anticipation. Along with Alvaro Morte, actors like Pedro Alonso, Úrsula Corberó, Miguel Herrán and others have also joined the shoot in Spain. Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen | Eric teaches Jack philosophy. Netflix later acquired the rights to streaming it globally in 2017. Bernard Tulle | He is unafraid to call out a student's "grief" over the death of a fellow student as self-serving narcissism while using Jack Morton's honesty as an example as to how honesty is a cornerstone of ethics. Some characters from several movies and series remain forever etched in our minds. The Professor's trademark is his highly sophisticated choice of words, and witty comments. Netflix, Inc. is an American technology and media services provider and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Find a dedicated community, comprehensive plot summaries, and more! That’s precisely the reality of each one of us. Rapunzel | [1][2] It was created by Binnur Karaevli and directed by Umut Aral, Gönenç Uyanık, and Can Evrenol in the first season. [6] However, developing the Professor's role proved difficult, as the character did not follow typal conventions[7] and the producers were uncertain about his degree of brilliance. [1] He is the mastermind of the heist who assembled the group, as well as Berlin's brother. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. He is a cunning assassin who was, along with the mysterious mage, Azar Javed, one of the apparent leaders of Salamandra's attack on Kaer Morhen keep. Their third encounter is their last. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Professor's trademark is his highly sophisticated choice of words, and witty comments. On a scale of one to ten, how much do you relate to this Netflix India meme? Money Heist’ Professor, played by Alvaro Morte, is one such character who enjoys a great fan following. Olgierd von Everec, Blood and Wine Fans Can’t Keep Calm! Check out an entire wiki for Pokémon Journeys: The Series over at Pokémon Journeys: The Series Wiki.Find a dedicated community, comprehensive plot summaries, and more! The Professor As Shah Rukh Khan & Priyanka Chopra Starrer Don Completes 14 Years, Fans Demand Don 3. Talking about the strict one, no one can forget Virus, played by Boman Irani in 3 Idiots. After seeing this video, all we can say is where’s the lie here? Japan Sword fighting skills, potions, marksmanship [9], Meanwhile, the casting directors advocated for Álvaro Morte, whom they knew from their collaboration on the long-running Spanish soap opera El secreto de Puente Viejo, even though his prime time television experience was limited at that point. Eric Clarke was an ethics professor at Belgrave University.

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