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If you ever read the kind of Fighting Fantasy/Lone Wolf/choose-your-own-adventure books that declared, "YOU can be the hero," that's what this is, only YOU are a lone space marine cut off from his squad on a space hulk, striving to find your battle-brothers.

RELATED: Warhammer Chaosbane: Character Overview. The peak of the 40K games to come out of the 1990s, Final Liberation has two extremely 1990s things about it. Storm of Vengeance is a lane defense game, sort of like Plants vs. Zombies only instead of spending sunshine to grow plants you're spending redemption points to make Dark Angels pop out of their drop pods. It does carry over its mobile variant's grindy nature, but the core combat is more than adequate to make replaying levels a fun experience. Once upon a time, Games Workshop's darling tabletop space opera only rarely dipped its toes into digital territory. Players work towards exploring the map, expanding their empire, exploiting the landscape for resources, and then exterminating any faction that stands in their way. The trials and tribulations of Ultramarine Captain Titus don't make for a perfect game, but Relic Entertainment managed to do a lot more right than they did wrong here. Actually, what it's more like is Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs, an earlier game from Eutechnyx. For a franchise focused on intergalactic warfare, it's rather surprising that it took so long for a team of developers to make a 4x strategy game in the Warhammer 40K IP.

On enemy turns it'll show a random battle happening to an ally rather than your own troops being slaughtered. Fans of the Panzer Corp series of games will feel right at home with Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon. Criminally underrated because it came out after a string of middling games with the words Space Hulk in the name, Tactics is the best of them. It doesn't skimp on the marine side either, and the AI plays genestealers like a tabletop player would, lurking around corners until enough gribblies have gathered to charge an overwatching marine en masse, knowing his bolter's going to jam eventually. As with most 40K strategy games, customization and tactics are key to victory. However, that very depth of the game can prove convoluted for some players, being somewhat micromanagement intensive. It's not about carefully managing walls and cranking out more gatherers than the other players so your economy can triumph. Many will be turned away by the game's dated visuals and clunky systems. Here are the ten Warhammer 40,000 video games that did the fandom proud. Plus, every character has a deck of cards and the only way to attack is to play one of the weapon cards you've randomly drawn. The Eisenhorn novels are some of the better 40K books, hard-boiled Raymond Chandler detective stories about an inquisitor who finds himself making trade-offs with his principles while he hunts heretics and slowly comes to grips with the Inquisition's corruption. At some point the server was taken offline and now this game—this entirely singleplayer game, I should note—no longer runs whether you got the free-to-play mobile version or paid actual money for the now-delisted Steam version.

Critics enjoyed the simple strategy and storytelling in this installment while fans loathed how different this game was from the past two entries. 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It's a cool idea. Deathwatch is another game originally made for tablet, which you can tell by the way you get new wargear and marines out of random packs with lootbox sparkle, though they're earned through play rather than microtransactions. Steam | GOG | Microsoft Store. The first is its heavy metal soundtrack, and the second its FMV cutscenes. After THQ went bankrupt in 2011, their license agreement with Games Workshop went belly up. Visit our corporate site. Dawn of War 2 (2009) 7. Inquisitor—Martyr is pulling in three directions at once. When it runs out, you have to play in real-time, bouncing between them in first-person and the map to keep your squad alive while genestealers boil out of the walls. Each scenario is a puzzle where you'll have to decide whether to split your battlegroups or unite them in a single wedge, lock down the bridges or move into the bombed-out buildings, scout ahead with walkers or fliers, and so on. Planes can switch loadouts if you remove the default missiles, and pilots might gain skills if they shoot down enough enemies, but one fighter is much like another. Welcome to Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum! Straylight Entertainment/Slitherine Each fight reminds you this is what you're genetically engineered to do, and early on there's a quiet moment where you enter an Imperial Guard base and wounded soldiers several feet shorter than you look up in awe. What eventually released was a lobby shooter that took the multiplayer combat from Relic's Space Marine and added vehicles, eldar and orks, as well as a co-operative PvE mode where four players take on tyranids. It's not bad, but it is basic. Your band of Adeptus Mechanicus tech-priests don't need cover. Steam | GOG. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. (Red Faction fans, you're kidding yourselves.). Where Space Hulk Tactics makes additions to the board game's rules, like cards that give single-use bonuses, and a maze-like map of the hulk to explore, they're well-balanced and complement the base. The Ultramarines are the chapter of choice for 40K videogames because they stick to the book. Elites all have different things they can do and some of your units have an ability or two, but there are long stretches where it feels like you should be using them yet there's nothing for you to do. And now: Every Warhammer 40,000 game, ranked from worst to best. Tindalos Interactive/Focus Home Interactive Depending on the luck of the draw, in the meantime he might suddenly have three different heavy weapons, somehow pulling them out of nowhere like they're in a bag of holding. Instead of handing you control of a horde it makes you play a balanced force that feels like a green reskin of the humies. If you want a budget version of a Firaxis-style XCOM but with space marines, it's a decent option. It's not every day that a 40K game focuses on the Adeptus Mechanicus. It's a crime more 40K games aren't about them instead of the same four chapters of space marines every time. At first it feels like regular chess, but focus fire and combine the right abilities and you'll soon remove a bishop from across the board. From the epic teaser trailer to the much desired return to a large-scale base building RTS format, things were looking good and fans seemed to be in for a real treat. It's 40K in its final form, eating worlds and firing missiles from a tank shaped like a church organ. The full catalog of expansions adds an impressive multitude of factions, units, and campaigns to play with, the visuals looked a lot like the tabletop miniatures brought to life, and the army painter was a radical feature. Unfortunately, the game's campaign is rather short and the game's multiplayer modes did little to keep players engaged shortly after its launch. Other games do this identical thing better. Milton Bradley's follow-up to HeroQuest was a version of Warhammer 40,000 for ages 10 to adult, and Gremlin Interactive were once again responsible for the videogame. To say the experience is "gratifying" is a woeful understatement. The classic hex-and-counter wargame Panzer General has inspired a lot of 40K games, and Sanctus Reach, which pits Space Wolves against orks, is certainly one of them.

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